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Stunning Looks, Exhilarating Performance

The Volvo V40 boasts clean, elegant lines and a range of strong, fuel-efficient petrol and diesel engines. From the powerful T5 petrol version delivering 187 kW to the ultra-efficient D2 diesel, which emits just 94g CO2/km, there’s an engine designed for your needs, no matter what type of driver you are. And as part of Drive-E, our innovative approach to sustainable driving, all of the V40’s engines come with start-stop technology.

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Let The Sunshine In

Our optional panoramic glass roof connects your drive with the sky above, making the V40’s spacious and airy cabin an even more pleasant place to be, whether you’re sitting in the front or the rear seats. And if the sun gets too tough on you, simply close the full-length power roller curtain for some cooling shade. We build every Volvo along the principles of contemporary Scandinavian design, incorporating things that lift your spirits every time you get in the car.

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Just The Way You Want It

The V40 features an interactive dashboard with three driving set-ups – elegance, eco and performance – to suit your driving mood. LEDs placed across the interior gently light your cabin at night and add a real sense of occasion to your journey. You can also adjust the LEDs’ brightness as well as choose from seven different theatre light modes to create your desired ambience. It’s all part of our Sensus philosophy, which connects you with your car.

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Let Your Car Do The Parking

Parallel parking will become a lot easier thanks to Volvo’s Park Assist Pilot, which parks the V40 for you. Just activate the Pilot when the car is next to a space. The car will confirm if it’s big enough and – if it is – will steer itself in for you. This active driver support comes courtesy of IntelliSafe, our complete approach to car safety – supporting you, preventing accidents and protecting you.

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Get more out of less

Running on a mere 3.6 litres/100 km and emitting only 94 g CO2/km, the 115 hp D2 turbo diesel is frugal with everything except performance and comfort.


Keeping You Protected

The V40 features a range of class-leading systems including the world’s first Pedestrian Airbag technology, plus Pedestrian Detection with full auto-brake, Adaptive Cruise Control and City Safety – which automatically brakes the car in an emergency at speeds of up to 50km/h. Thanks to IntelliSafe, our complete approach to car safety, you can drive secure in the knowledge that your Volvo will always support your drive, keep you and your passengers protected and help prevent accidents.

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You. At the heart of the design.

The all-new V40 is designed around you. So who better to give you the inside story than the people who actually created it?

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Performance-inspired design

The Volvo V40 R-Design meets the needs of the most demanding driver. Its combination of exclusive exterior and interior styling, optional sports chassis and responsive engines create a sporty yet refined 5-door performance hatchback.

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Ingeniously yours

With the right accessories your car will fit your needs perfectly. We have everything you need to personalise, style and equip it the way you want.

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