The new Volvo C70 coupe convertible with retractable hardtop offers the safety of a coupe,

the open air fun of a convertible, and the seating capacity of a luxury four-door sedan.

As beautiful as a coupe

The newest C70 from Volvo is the only hard-top convertible that looks good when it rains. So whether you drive with the top up or with the top down, you always drive in luxury style.

2014 Volvo C70 coupe convertible

Two cars in one

For the exhilaration of driving under an open sky. Life is too short to accept compromise, so we decided to make two cars in one. The Volvo C70’s retractable hardtop only takes 30 seconds to present you with a brand new car.

2014 Volvo C70

Safety reinvented

The C70 takes Volvo safety to a new level of intelligence. It can alert you if you are being over-taken while shifting lanes, stabilise itself and even handle incoming calls for you. Comfort, safety and performance style are priorities of the new C70.

2014 Volvo C70 coupe convertible

Room for four adults

If you don’t mind sharing the open sky, you can easily fit four adults in the C70 convertible coupe since it has two rear seats, rather than three.

2014 Volvo C70 coupe convertible with top down

Big boot. Or even bigger.

Even with the top down the C70 has enough space for a big golf bag and clubs. And thanks to the load-through feature you can also carry really long objects in the car.

2014 Volvo C70