There’s a wealth of accessories available for your C70, what you see here is simply a selection. To view all of them, go to The Details


The windblocker effectively reduces turbulence for front seat occupants when the top is down, improving the comfort of your ride whatever the speed. It also features extra storage for luggage in the rear seat. Simply unzip it to get at your gear.

Draco 8x18" Silver Bright

Aluminium wheel

Rear seat cover

You can use the rear seat space as an extra loading area. The durable seat cover helps protect the upholstery if you need to carry a dirty load, somebody with mucky clothes, or a pet. The rear seat safety belts can still be used.

Organizer spare wheel cavity

Designed to fit over the spare wheel, this organiser provides smart storage for small items in the boot. The organiser also creates a completely flat boot floor.

Luggage compartment mat, reversible

Allows you to maintain the attractive appearance of the luggage compartment even if you occasionally transport dirty loads. Reversible and waterproof, with colour-keyed textile on one side and plastic on the other.

Protective car cover

An elegant cover specially designed to protect your Volvo from dirt, when it is not used for extended periods of time