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Model Year 14 Luxury Run Out

We all deserve a little luxury in our lives and, with our MY14 Run Out Upgrade, luxury has never been so affordable. There are Luxury upgrades available on the V40, S60 and XC60 models.

The Volvo C70 Limited Edition

2014 Volvo C70 Limited Edition

We are delighted to introduce the Volvo C70 Limited Edition with over $6,000* of complimentary extras.

Volvo Selekt - The safest way to buy a used Volvo

Volvo Selekt

When you purchase a Selekt used Volvo, you are buying more than just a car, you are buying a commitment. Selekt is a total package designed to give customers quality and reassurance, making Volvo Selekt cars the closest thing you will find to a new car. The Volvo Selekt program is only available at accredited authorised Volvo dealers and ensures customers get the very best in quality, value and peace of mind.