Climate Services

Always turn to the expert

Want to make sure that you can always continue to enjoy a perfect in-car climate? Then you should know that the efficiency and performance of the air conditioning system may gradually decrease for a number of reasons. Since this often happens little by little, you may not notice it until the system reaches the point where it suddenly can not keep the temperature regulated at all. By letting the Volvo workshop check your air conditioning regularly, you will avoid unnecessary problems.

Basically, an air conditioning system functions according to the same principle as a refrigerator, by removing the heat from the inside and dispersing it to the outside. But since the ECC (Electronic Climate Control) of a modern Volvo Car is very complicated you should always let the experts service it, by using Volvo-trained technicians at an authorised Volvo workshop.

Check, Repair of Clean?

Air Conditioning Performance Test

We will do a functional test of your Volvo's air conditioning system including measurement of the cooling performance of the airflow.

Air Conditioning fault tracing and repair

If you have encountered problems with your air conditioner, we will trace the fault and repair it for you. We measure the pressure, perform leakage tests and empty/refill the refrigerant. We will also check, repair or replace units if necessary, such as receiver drier, condenser or compressor.


Microbial growth in the air conditioning system may result in musty, unpleasant smells. We will clean the system efficiently with AirCo-Clean ultrasonic vaporisation technology. It takes only 20 minutes and, into the bargain, the entire passenger compartment will be refreshed.

Seven reasons to let the Volvo workshop service your air conditioner system

  1. Regularly checking the air conditioning system is the best way to ensure it will perform as expected, and not give up on you when you need it the most (for example during your summer holiday trip).
  2. Regularly checking and servicing the system is also a way to prevent minor faults developing into costly repairs.
  3. In Volvo workshops, the technicians are specially trained to carry out repairs on the climate control system in Volvo cars.
  4. Volvo workshops have the special equipment needed to check and clean the climate control systems.
  5. Only workshops with Volvo's VIDA system - which all authorised workshops have - can update your Volvo's software. An update can optimise the climate control system, for example for the ideal adjustment of temperature and airflows, regardless of the conditions outside.
  6. Volvo workshops always use Volvo Genuine Parts for best function and quality.
  7. Always take the opportunity to let the Volvo workshop take a look at your air conditioner when your car is in for regular servicing - easy and convenient.

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