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We will take care of your windscreen according to Volvo's standards

Any windscreen can be subject to damage, but thankfully it can be remedied swiftly by your Volvo dealer so you can enjoy your clear view again.

If it is minor windscreen damage, such as a stone chip, we can often perform a repair without replacing the windscreen. And the sooner it is fixed the better, otherwise the whole windscreen may have to be replaced.

What if the windscreen should not be repaired?

As the windscreen is important for safety, Volvo recommends that only damage smaller than 25 mm, or in some cases 15 mm, is repaired (see illustration). If the damage is larger, or located in the driver's main vision area, then the windscreen has to be replaced.

A Volvo Genuine Windscreen - and the right glue

The windscreen stands for a significant part of the car's structural strength and is important for your protection, and it also functions as support for the passenger side airbag. Therefore, it is vital that the windscreen is installed properly in order not to risk coming loose in the event of a collision. A poorly installed windscreen may seriously compromise your safety. When we perform the replacement, you know that you will get a Volvo Genuine Windscreen and that it is installed by qualified technicians using the right kind of glue and installation methods. You will also know that the primers, the activators and the fast-hardening PUR glue are applied accordingly to safety routines and without taking 'shortcuts'. You can also trust that the removal of the old windscreen is performed swiftly and with the use of modern methods, eliminating the risk of damage to the car's bodywork or paint.


After replacement of the windscreen we ensure that the Forward Sensing Module is calibrated in order to secure the functionality of the Volvo Safety Systems installed in your car. Your Volvo dealer has the correct tools and expertise to do this for you.

Green Area - Damage in the green area can be repaired if it is no larger than 25 mm.

Yellow Area -  Damage in the yellow area can be repaired if it is no larger than 15 mm.

Red Area -  Damage in the driver's main vision area, near the roof or near the A pillars should not be repaired - the windscreen has to be replaced.

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