Paintless Dent Repairs

Improve the look and value of your car

Sooner or later they will probably appear on even the most well-kept Volvo. Those small dents, the door dings and the small spots of damage from stones or hail. They do not look very nice and they decrease the value of your car, but now you can get rid of them fast, easily and affordably.

Thanks to smart and innovative methods of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), the professionally trained technicians can remove dents without the need for sanding, filling or repainting.

Technicians use special tools and techniques to push the metal back to its original shape from behind the panel. As long as there are no cracks in the paint, or the dent is not located to close to the edge of the body panel, almost all dents can be removed.

A very low cost - and fixed while you wait

Instead of taking your car into a paint and panel repairer, and having to wait a while to get it back, we can in most cases fix the dents on the same day. That also means that the cost is only a fraction of what it would be at the paint and panel repairer. In many cases the damage can be fixed at a much lower cost than the excess fee on your insurance.

Let our experts take a look

You are very welcome to bring your Volvo in for inspection so our staff can determine if the dents on your Volvo can be removed using the PDR technique. Just come by and we will give you a time and cost estimate.

Many benefits for you:

  • No paintwork required
  • Much less expensive
  • Same-day service
  • No risk of incorrect colour matching
  • Retained value of your car

Dents in doors, roof, bonnet and other body panels can be removed without a trace - fast, affordable and without hassle.

Please contact your local authorised Volvo dealer to book an appointment