• Green figures enter Europe

    Green figures enter Europe

    Few Swedes have failed to notice the massive DRIVe campaign that recently got under way. “Volvo’s green figures” (picture) make great reading both for drivers with a careful eye on their wallets and those with an equally watchful eye on the environment. The campaign will continue until the end of the year. In Sweden the DRIVe model range will be on display at dealerships from December.


    On the PR front, a test-drive event for the DRIVe models is being arranged for the Scandinavian media at end November/early December. The Volvo Cars roadmap for reducing carbon dioxide emissions will also be presented then.


    Between 40 and 50 journalists will be invited to this event, including about ten Finnish journalists. In Finland there will be a DRIVe Open Weekend at dealers in February.


    On several European markets, these economical diesel cars will play an important role. Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and Austria – all major diesel markets – and Britain are some of the countries that offer special tax relief for cars with carbon dioxide emissions below 120 grams per kilometre.


    In Spain sales of cars with carbon dioxide emissions below 120 grams per kilometre have increased by 34 percent so far this year. The total market in Spain up to the end of October has decreased by 40 percent compared with the same period in 2007.


    In the Netherlands Volvo Cars’ sales company has been marketing the DRIVe models very intensively since the start of this week. At the end of January there will be a press test-drive for the Dutch media.


    In United Kingdom pre-launch and marketing campaigns for the DRIVe models will be held during the fourth quarter, and in Switzerland and France the cars will be launched during the same period. Austria is running a huge direct marketing campaign.


    In Belgium a large number of media representatives will be invited to the Ghent factory on Monday. The journalists will get to see production of the DRIVe models and the XC60. In Belgium there is expected to be massive media focus on Volvo Cars’ environmental initiative next week.


    The cars that are currently part of the DRIVe range will not be sold in Asia, Russia, Oceania or North America. Volvo China’s emphasis in terms of green communication deals among other things with the clean environment in and around Volvo’s cars.


    Thailand is investing heavily in E85. There Volvo Cars is the leading player in the vehicle industry. The C30 1.8 F and S80 2.5 FT will be launched next Friday, November 28, when Motor Expo 2008 opens its doors in Bangkok. The motor show will also be visited by racing driver Robert Dahlgren and his STCC team.


    DRIVe is the brand name for the C30, S40 and V50 models powered by the 1.6-litre diesel engine. The fuel consumption of the C30 1.6D is 4.4 litres per 100 kilometres, and its carbon dioxide emissions are 115 grams per kilometre. The corresponding figures for the S40 and V50 1.6D are 4.5 and 118


    The DRIVe series, Volvo’s most economical models ever, are now being marketed throughout Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe.