• Volvo Sales in 2007 grew by 7,1% over previous year

    Volvo Sales in 2007 grew by 7,1% over previous year

    In a very competitive global market place, Volvo grew its sales by 7,1% over 2006 reaching a volume of 458,323 units during the last calendar year. By regions the biggest winners were Volvo Car Overseas with an outstanding 95,1%, 42.438 units, Volvo Car Asia Pacific, 18.989 units, an impressive 50% growth and within Europe the Gallia region (NL, Belgium, Luxembourg, France) which grew by 21,9% and reached 47.741 cars.


    By countries some of the biggest growth were seen in Russia, Volvo being the leading premium brand in this market with 21.077 units in 2007 and a growth of 95,1%, China going from 7.193 units in 2006 to 12.460 in 2007 and 73,2% growth, Norway 40% and 8.842 units, France 25% and 13.497 units and Netherlands with a 22% and 20.253 units sold in 2007. It is also remarkable the 12,2% growth in our biggest European market, Sweden, reaching a volume of 62.229 units.


    By models the XC90 was again the best selling model with a total volume of 79.140 units. The C30 also played an important role in this growth as 2007 was the first year in which this model was available during the whole period.


    And by channels fleet sales continues being a key part for Volvo amounting for a 47,1% of the total European business and circa 30% of the global one with a total of 128.344 units.

    Volvo Sales in 2007 grew by 7,1% over previous year.