• A VROM meeting to remember


    The 2010 edition of Volvo Rendezvous for Owners and Members – VROM – was held on Saturday and Sunday August 14–15. This meeting for Volvo enthusiasts started already in 1987 and is held every second weekend in August. This year it was as ususal held at Arendal, close to Volvo Museum and not far from Volvo Cars headquarters.

    It started on Saturday with a family rally, from Arendal over country roads and along the coast to the castle of Tjolöholm south of Gothenburg. The distance was appr 100 km and it took the 83 starters the better part of the day to drive the distance. Among the 83 starters there were cars from eleven countries making this a true international rally. Winner was Christian Wyss and his wife from Switzerland, driving an open top C70.


    The Sunday programme followed the VROM tradtition with an exhibition of classic Volvos (and some not so classic Volvos) and a really good spare parts and automobilia market. There was also a full stage programme to follow. Speaker Claes Rydholm of Volvo Cars Heritage had a busy day on the stage presenting both people and cars, representing Volvo history and with extra focus on some anniversaries:

    – 75th anniversary of the PV36 Carioca. This was presented on stage with the help of Jonas Kjellberg and his maroon PV36, maybe the best example of the 25 or so survivors.

    – 25th anniversary of the 780. The beautiful prestige coupe, designed and built by Bertone in Italy. The car on stage was the 30.000 km car of low-mileage Volvo car collector Johan Rudbäck.

    – 25th anniversary of Volvos first front-wheel drive model, the 480ES. This was also illustrated with the help of a maroon metallic 30.000 km car and its owner Björn Leinen, assisted by Christer Nilsson, chairman of the 480 club.

    Another interesting vehicle but without an anniversary that was presented on stage was the South African-built Amazon of Norwegian Petter Ausland. The car was built in Durban in December 1970, well after the production had ended in Sweden so this car is probably the youngest Amazon around. Except for the body panels, few components are identical to a 'real' Amazon which makes this hybrid very interesting.

    The prize-giving ceremony for the nicest club cars was appreciated as always. These were selected by the different Swedish Volvo clubs themselves and consisted of for example a Danish-registered PV36, a white 142 from 1969 with 14.000 genuine km on the clock, a red 1800 which had started its life in Morocco and a white 123 GT Amazon with a coachbuilder-fitted folding sunroof.

    The weather – which in Sweden is always a cause for great concern – was on the organizers side until the very last minute when the skies opened on a closing VROM on Sunday afternoon. But thanks to the sun some 1500 vistitors turned up to enjoy all the beautiful Volvos that had gathered on the area. Around 400 of them turned up, representing most Volvo models from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and up to the present day.

    It is nice and interesting to note that VROM is a truly international event. This was once again proven by visitors from almost 15 countries. Some were also taking part in selling in the market area because as usual there was a lot of market stalls offering Volvo spares and parts, service literature, sales brochures, parts catalogues and everything else that every Volvo fan is on the lookout for and need.

    Claes Rydholm bade farewell and wished all enthusiasts welcome back August 13–14 2011. For those who can't wait that long, it is a good idea to go to the IVM – International Volvo Meeting – in Itzehoe outside Hamburg in Germany already in August 2010, 27–29.


    Read more at www.ivm.volvoclub-deutschland.de

    The 2010 edition of Volvo Rendezvous for Owners and Members – VROM – was held on Saturday and Sunday August 14–15.