• Träffpunkt 80 for cars from the 80s


    On Sunday September 21, the beautiful Grytsberg Manor park was invaded by not only Volvos, Saabs, Fords and Opels but also numerous other makes and a fair bit of exotica like Ferraris and Lamborghinis. All of which had their age in common, 19-28 years. German enthusiasts call these cars from the 1980s Youngtimers (as opposed to Oldtimers) and they represent a piece of automotive history which is quickly growing in interest. Volvo Cars Heritage was represented with a very nice Volvo 240 GL with 90,000 genuine km on the clock and which attracted several positive comments.´In total some 350 cars and a lot of entusiastic visitors gathered in the golden autumn sun. This time the meeting was also open for motorbikes from the same age, something which made the Volvo Cars Heritage Manager Claes Rydholm especially happy and a bit nostalgic since he was a motorcycle journalist between 1980 and 1986 before he joined Volvo Cars.

    Träffpunkt 80 – Meeting point 80 – is an annual meeting for cars from the 1980s. It is arranged by the Swedish magazines 'Klassiker', 'Automobil' and 'MC-Nytt', and held in the county of Sörmland, about an hour's drive from Stockholm.