• VROM 2008 – Rain, wind and all smiles


    On Friday the 8th, the day was spent on a full programme, covering visits to Volvo Cars Brand Experience Centre, the Volvo Cars Demo Centre, Volvo Museum, the Aeroseum aircraft collection and the Stora Holm test track which once used to be Volvo's proving ground. 160 participants were taken around during the whole day through the different events and the day was rounded-off with a buffet dinner.

    Saturday meant the VROM Rally which attracted more than 125 starters and took place over small country roads in the beautiful county of Bohuslan, north of Gothenburg. The rally distance was some 250 km. On arrival at the finish in Arendal, the participants were met by preparations for the Sunday show and many market stalls were already open and doing business. A strong wind from the west caused some trouble, especially for those who were erecting tents or selling literature and the Sunday weather forecast looked very gloomy indeed.

    When Sunday the 10th came, all hopes for a sunny day out went away as soon as people woke up. The sky was black and a torrential rain fell more or less during the entire day. The wind was now coming from the east, making the rain almost horizontal. The funny things was, however, that it didn't affect people in a negative way. You met smiling people everywhere, protecting themselves from the rain as good as possible, wthout losing their sense for enthusiam and iold Volvos.
    But the bad weather unfortunately resulted in many enthusiast cars staying at home in the comfort of their nice and warm garages. The brave ones that did come, had a nice and interesting day and the tight programme ran according to schedule. Speaker Claes Jaurelius had a busy day at the stage presenting some very special customized Volvos, the rally winner from Saturday, the cars with the lowest mileage and one with a very high mileage, selected club favourites and many other interesting Volvos, for instance the new XC60 and an 1800ES from 1973 with 430 genuine km on the clock.

    This absolutely amazing 1800ES from 1973 came to VROM from Norway. It was bought from the U.S. by its current owner with only 430 genuine km on the clock and it has a manual gearbox!

    All of the Swedish Volvo clubs were represented and so were Volvo clubs from Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland, all of them seeking shelter from the rain inside the large club tent together with representatives from Volvo Cars Heritage which were present with information and advice.

    The number of classic Volvo vehicles on display this year came to about 250. There were vistitors from no less than 15 countries, more than 50 market stalls, 500 cars in the vistiors car park and over 1000 people in the Volvo Museum. Considering the weather, this was an impressive result. For 2009, it can only be more, bigger and better. So see you again in August 2009!

    Magnus Olsson's taxi, a TR704 from 1937, was selected nicest car by StorVolvoklubben which is the Swedish club for pre-war Volvos and the post-war side-valve six-cylinder models.  All clubs were challenged to choose what they thought was the nicest representative present.

    During the weekend of August 8-10, the annual international meeting for Volvo enthusiasts – VROM (Volvo Rendezvous for Owners and Members) – took place in the Arendal area in northwest Gothenburg.