• Tjolöholm Classic Motor 2008 – Bigger, better, sunnier


    Everywhere in the park were shiny cars, cool bikes and happy people to be seen. Expert talk was blended with layman questions and nostalgic mutterings.

    The two highlights of the day were, however, not wheelbourne but belonged to the history of aircraft. In the air, the only flying Spitfire that is resident in Sweden did its best to make  people on the ground to hold their breath by climbing and diving and doing rolls and loopings. It is a MkXVI from 1945, fitted with a Packard Merlin V12 engine rather than the original Rolls-Royce Merlin but none the less with a wonderful sound.

    On the ground, however, the sound of a Rolls-Royce Merlin could be heard thanks to Peter Svensson of Lidköping who had brought two of his meticulously rebuilt aircraft engines, the other being a Russian WWII 9-cylinder radial engine. Peter excited people several times during the day by firing up his engines, which is a big job with lots of preparatons, especially for Peter who is totally blind and works solely by the aid of his sensitive fingers and ears. Great man!

    Volvo Cars Heritage was of course present, joining the space of the Volvo clubs and Volvo Museum. The car chosen for the occasion was a beautiful Volvo 145 from 1974 with only 64.000 genuine kilometers on the clock and in completely original condition down to the last nut. It ran perfectly well both to Tjolöholm and back, and it was most certainly a car that got a lot of attention, and very justly too, and ewoke nostalgic memories in many visitors. A well-kept low-mileage Volvo estate is very difficult too find due to the fact that estate cars usually lead harder lifes than their 2- or 4-door saloon siblings.
    The 10,000 or so visitors could enjoy a most beatiful and sunny Sunday in the lovely settings of the Tjolöholm castle park and rest their eyes and ears on more than 1,300 exhibited vehicles, with several hundred more in the vistitors car park.

    Never before have so many classic and historic vehicles on two, three, four and more wheels been seen around the castle of Tjolöholm as on the sunny Sunday of May 25 when the big open air event was held for the 15th time.