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    Dear Volvo enthusiasts,

    We are now going "live" in a serious way.The upcoming Swiss Volvo Meeting/International Volvo Meeting is held in Interlaken, Switzerland on August 28-30. This big and exciting event will be fully covered by a professional video/photo crew during the whole weekend.


    Please log in to our Volvo Cars Heritage Blog on http://volvocarsheritage.wordpress.com to see all video footage, photos and information that will be continuously published on the blog during the actual weekend and also after. You can also watch us at youtube: youtube.com/volvocarsnews


    I am sure that this will be a very successful event with many classic Volvos from many countries participating, not least in the exciting Alp Rally on Saturday 29th, running over three famous passes and through a wonderful landscape. Watch for yourself!

    With Best Regards
    Claes Rydholm
    Volvo Cars Heritage/IVM

    We are now going "live" in a serious way.

    Please log in to our Volvo Cars Heritage Blog on: http://volvocarsheritage.wordpress.com and watch us on YouTube: youtube.com/volvocarsnews