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V60 Plug-in Hybrid


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Three cars in one. No compromise.

Experience the world’s first diesel Plug-in Hybrid that also runs on pure electricity.

Click to unplug and you’re ready to go.

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Switch to Pure Volvo.

What's important to you is now available at the flick of a switch.

A new experience. Drive daily without any exhaust fumes, in the same car that can take you in extreme comfort across the continent at a speed of more than 230 km/h with a range up to 900 km. At the press of a button, the car changes. So that you don’t have to.

Switch to Pure.

Purity when you need it.

The diesel engine shuts off, letting the electric motor do all the work for a distance up to 50 km, so that you can enjoy your daily drive in silence, with zero tailpipe emissions.

Switch to Hybrid.

Efficiency when you need it.

In Hybrid mode both engines work in symbiosis for you, using only 1.8 litres of fuel per 100 km, and emitting a minimal 48 grams of CO2 per km, up to 900 km (NEDC*). Letting you appreciate the journey, without unnecessary stops and interruptions. * New European Driving Cycle

Switch to Power.

Power when you need it.

The Power mode will make the diesel and electric motors combine forces and deliver up to 280 horsepower, letting you go from 0-100 km/h in 6.1 seconds.

00:00:10:00 00:00:14:00 The world's first plug-in diesel hybrid

Joint forces.

The Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid is the synthesis of close cooperation between the Volvo Car Corporation and Swedish electricity supplier Vattenfall. Vattenfall offers the first 1000 privileged owners of this Pure Limited car a starter pack including 100% renewable electricity generated by Vattenfall´s own production facilities and a wall-mounted charging station. (The starter pack will be provided in Vattenfall’s core markets Sweden, Germany and Netherlands.) The Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid together with 100% renewable energy contract will assure you of a smooth, safe and green drive.

Charge and drive.

Choose the distance you need to travel and the ampere strength you use while charging to find out how quickly you can hit the road and how far you can travel on pure electricity – before the ultra-efficient diesel engine is switched in, to take you another 900 km without stopping.














Explore how the instrument panel transforms.

When you press any of the four different themes – Elegance Eco, Hybrid or Performance – the colour changes. And when you click the modes – Pure, Hybrid or Power – the digital instrument changes, showing the most suitable driving environment for that particular driving mode. Regardless of mode, the instruments will always give you the exact information you need, when you need it.





No compromises. Switch to pure Volvo.

- Up to 50 km on pure electricity - 0-100 km/h in 6.1 seconds - Up to 900 km in hybrid range - 1,800 kg towing capacity - Up to 280 horsepower - 1.8 litres of diesel consumption per 100 km, (NEDC*). - Up to 640 Nm of torque * New European Driving Cycle




0050 KM


12.0 SEC


0000 G/KM


900 KM


07.9 SEC


0048 G/KM




06.1 SEC




Switch to pure foresight.

The electric motor constantly works to lower your diesel consumption, and vice versa. However, sometimes you need to preserve enough electric energy to drive on pure electricity. This becomes especially handy in cities with electric car zones, for instance. That’s what the Save battery for later-mode is for. On-demand, the diesel engine will re-charge the battery to a level where you will be able to drive up to 20km on pure electricity at a later occasion. So whenever you need to drive clean, you’ve got the possibility to do it.

00:00:00:00 00:00:02:00 Save for later 00:00:06:00 00:00:10:00 Recharging battery 00:00:15:00 00:00:18:00 Volvo V60 Hybrid The world's first plug-in diesel hybrid

Re-inventing the All-Wheel Drive.

The road stability of the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid makes it clearer than ever before who’s in charge. Like everything else in its design, the Dynamic chassis is engineered to put the driver in control, and at any given moment its refined system adjusts to road conditions, to use the power of the diesel engine at the front wheels and the electric power at the rear wheels, precisely where and when required. This means that the new All-Wheel Drive system ensures traction during slippery road conditions, and that the vehicle stays responsive even if only one wheel has got grip. On-demand, exactly when you need it – even while driving on pure electricity.

Uncompromised climate control.

In Scandinavia, temperatures can easily reach -30°C in remote areas with 500 km between gas stations. But, there are also city traffic jams in the heat of the summer. Regardless of the outside weather, the cabin climate adjusts to suit your needs, even in Pure mode without emissions, without disturbing the performance of your car. So your thoughts are free to wander wherever you want them to. In extreme weather situations (below -30 degrees Celsius) the diesel engine will provide power to the climate system in order to maximise battery usage for driving purposes.

Outside temp °C

Inside temp °C

The sound of silence.

When you close the door, the sound and distractions of the outside stay where you left them. And while driving on pure electricity, the car itself is perceived as very silent, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing journey.

1,800 kg towing capacity.

A towing capacity of 1,800 kg with a clean consiance. That is unrivalled in the automotive industry. This means that you never have to compromise with your hobby or lifestyle, so whatever you like to do at the weekends, you can let your V60 Plug-in Hybrid take you and just about everything you need to bring.

Driving technology forward.

The three choices of on-demand driving mode make the V60 Plug-in Hybrid a revolution in the whole automotive industry and truly designed around you. In the past, cars have had to compromise on performance, efficiency or your driving experience in order to drive cleaner. Many still do. But Volvo has always fought to drive technology forward in order to do the exact opposite. Volvo’s innovative Drive-E solution makes sure that every stage of the lifecycle in your Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid, from building to scrapping and everything in between is as environmentally sound as possible.

A natural extension of you.

The Volvo Sensus media centre is a simpler and more intuitive way than ever before to interact with your car. It provides the information you need, the support you may require and the entertainment you want. Customizable to suit you and your precise needs.

Be in touch with the world around you.

Volvo has always been a pioneer and innovator regarding safety and keeping those inside the car protected. The V60 Plug-in Hybrid is no exception. However, the best way of protecting yourself and anyone else from getting hurt in an accident is preventing that accident from ever happening in the first place. The Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid assists your driving without infringing on your control, detecting any and all potential danger and reacting before anything happens. This way, you can be safe, relaxed and just enjoy the drive.

An exterior design that is true to the inside innovation.

The exterior is an experience in itself. Press play and slide the gauge to explore it.

Special design details that distinguish this V60 Plug-in Hybrid include the integrated tailpipes and the chrome tailgate moulding.

The exclusive “Thia” aluminium wheels are aerodynamically designed to cut through the air in style.

The special front spoiler and grille stand out in high-gloss black.

The recharge port is conveniently located and locked until you need to unlock it. This Volvo V60 also proudly displays a special badge.




Recharge port

Take it for a spin.

The Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid is not your average car. So naturally, the Thia wheels are not your average wheels. Being aerodynamic and weight optimized, they manipulate their surroundings, minimizing air resistance, not only getting you to your destination, but maximizing the comfort and road stability as well.

Contemporary Scandinavian design. Luxury for the mind.

Contemporary Scandinavian design is about not being disturbed. Distinct but discreet in shape and form. Simplicity in design as well as user experience. Never change for the sake of change – change to improve.

Introducing Contemporary Scandinavian Luxury.

Before you even turn the ignition, you have arrived at a place of total tranquillity.

How much can a car care?

Welcome to the world’s best driving environment. The materials are chosen for their high quality, and the meticulous craftsmanship that has been put into every tiny detail. Our attention to details makes these seats the most comfortable ones that you as a demanding individual have ever tried. The centre console is focused on simplicity, angled slightly towards you for better control. Attention to you.

Three choices. No compromises. One fun car. Arctic Night real-wood inlays beautifully complement the interior’s Scandinavian design.

This is where you switch on to the future. In style – with genuine leather and elegant contrast stitching.

World famous comfort shows its versatile side beautifully – and easily.

Buttons and inlays



Rich, genuine leather with contrast stitching.

Allergy-tested chrome details with a jeweller’s finish.

Beautifully polished, real-wood Arctic Night inlays.

The High-Performance Multi-media system’s brilliant speakers are meticulously calibrated in harmony with the cabin acoustics.

Watch the V60 Plug-in Hybrid multimedia film.

Starring the new groundbreaking and luxurious Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid, this stylish multimedia film shows the hybrid car driving on scenic and curvy Alp roads in Switzerland, through a city and inside a congress hall. Volvo’s new plug-in diesel hybrid technology – Pure, Hybrid and Power – is displayed in animations. The song “Somebody New” is composed and performed by the Swedish band The Amplifetes.

00:00:04:11 00:00:05:14 SWITCH TO POWER 00:00:06:07 00:00:07:05 UP TO 280 HP 275 BHP AT 4000 RPM 00:00:07:17 00:00:09:08 640 NM AT 1250 RPM 473 LB/FT 00:00:09:19 00:00:11:20 0 - 100 KM/H 6.1 SEC 0 – 60 MPH 5.8 SEC 00:00:17:04 00:00:18:08 SWITCH TO HYBRID 00:00:19:02 00:00:20:10 1.8 L/100 KM 148 MPG 00:00:21:03 00:00:23:00 CO2 48 G/KM 00:00:23:10 00:00:24:10 TOTAL RANGE – UP TO 1000 KM 620 MILES 00:00:42:21 00:00:44:14 SWITCH TO PURE 00:00:44:23 00:00:45:24 ZERO EMISSION 00:00:46:10 00:00:47:21 UP TO 50 KM RANGE 31 MILES RANGE 00:00:52:19 00:00:56:08 16A – 3.5H 00:01:00:00 THE WORLD'S FIRST PLUG-IN DIESEL HYBRID 00:01:02:00 SWITCH TO POWER 00:01:03:00 SWITCH TO HYBRID 00:01:04:00 SWITCH TO PURE 00:01:05:00 SWITCH TO VOLVO 00:01:06:00 00:01:09:00 WHO'S THE COMPETITION? THERE IS NO COMPETITION

Hybrid specifications.

Hybrid system: Plug-in Hybrid Combustion engine: 2.4 l, 5-cylinder diesel (215 hp, 440 Nm) Transmission/final drive: 6-speed auto Electric motor / final drive: AC synchr. (50 kW /70 hp, 200 Nm) / 9.16 Battery Lithium-Ion: 400 V, 11.2 kWh System weight vs. V60: FWD + 300 kg (battery weight 150 kg) Emissions standard: Euro 5 CO2 emissions: 48 g/km (NEDC) Fuel consumption: 1,8 l/100 km Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 6.1 sec

Top speed: 230 km/h (limited) Electric top speed: 120 km/h (limited) Recharging cable length: 4.5 m Recharging time (depl. to full): 16 A fuse: 3.5 h, 10 A fuse: 4.5 h, 6 A fuse: 7.5 h

Main dimensions and weights.

Length: 4,628 mm Width: 1,865 mm Height: 1,484 mm Luggage volume: 305/1,126 l Towing capacity: 1,800 kg

A special kind of ownership.

Even if you ignore the fact that it’s the world’s first of its kind, letting you experience driving as you’ve never done before, owning a Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid is not like owning any other car. Because you see, when you buy this car, we don’t simply hand you the keys and wish you good luck. We get to work, making your life easier and your car service exceptional. Specialized personnel and highly trained staff will provide the best possible care for your V60 Plug-in Hybrid and give you any support you might need.


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