Questions and Answers about the Volvo Diplomat Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

We are privileged to serve tax-free personnel at:

  • Embassies / Consulates
  • United Nations (Main org, UNESCO, IBRD, World Bank etc)
  • European Union (commission, parliament, institutions, agencies etc)
  • International organizations (NATO, OECD etc)

How much do I save on a new Volvo as a Diplomat?

The special diplomat prices are standardised world-wide, same special diplomat price wherever you are posted. The savings verses local market depends on your choice of model, country specification of the car, where you are stationed, if there’s a special offer etc. Easiest way to get a rough idea: Request a Quick Quote online »

Are prices in the program set, or do I have to negotiate in order to obtain the lowest possible price?

No, this is an element of the Volvo program that diplomat customers like the most – you don’t have to do battle with a sales person to get the best deal. The lowest price has already been negotiated on your behalf and prices are set in market specification currency. No agency within the Diplomat Sales Program may arbitrarily alter the prices. The price you see is the price you pay and everyone pays the same.

Where can I find my nearest retailer for Volvo Diplomat Sales?

Visit the section "Find a Diplomat Retailer" on this website. We have authorised and specially trained diplomat sales staff in most major cities in Europe and also on other continents.

What are the delivery options?

Depending on your situation, you are likely to take either local delivery to your posting abroad or direct shipment to your next posting*. For US and Canadian diplomats in Europe we can also offer the unique Volvo Home Shipment Program, which allows you to drive in Europe for up to 5 years (subject to status) before shipping your car to North America. Last but not least, we have the exclusive option of Factory Delivery in Sweden. Learn more »

*We can deliver to most countries, with some exceptions. Please contact us for more information.

Can I take delivery of my car at the Volvo factory in Sweden directly?

Yes, you certainly can. In fact, diplomat customers are one of few VIP customer groups who can take advantage of the exclusive Volvo Factory Delivery service. Take delivery of your new car at the "Factory Delivery Center" in Gothenburg and get a VIP experience which can also include the Volvo Factory Tour, the Volvo Museum, Volvo Brand Experience Center, Swedish food experience and more. Learn more »

How does the Volvo Home Shipment Program work?

The Home Shipment program is a unique service, available for US and Canadian diplomats in Europe. Order your Volvo with special benefits from your authorised Volvo diplomat dealer near your overseas location and drive your car for up to 5 years (subject to status). When the time comes to leave for the US or Canada, simply drive to any of our Home Shipment locations throughout Europe and we’ll ship your Volvo to a retailer of your choice (from a selection of appointed Courtesy Delivery retailers in North America). Save time, money and trouble.

Can I buy a new Volvo online?

You can request a quote or book a test drive by using our online forms. However, the actual purchase process requires the involvement of your local authorised Volvo Diplomat dealer.

Can I get a car with quick delivery?

We normally have a number of models that may be chosen from stock for customers with more immediate requirements. Talk to your nearest Volvo Military Sales dealer to get the most up-to-date list of available cars.

Can I take a test drive?

Yes, we have authorised diplomat dealers in most major cities in Europe and also on other continents. Request a test drive online and we'll see what we can do for you. Request a test drive »

What documents are needed?

In order for us to handle your order, we require a copy of your diplomatic or service passport and a signed order form.

If I decide to place an order, how does the down payment work?

The minimum amount required by Volvo at the time of order is 10% of the total car value. Your dealer will supply you with the necessary bank transfer details and this amount is deducted from the total to give a balance due.

What kind of Warranty comes with a US and Canadian Specification Volvo purchased through this program?

For US and Canadian specification the car comes with a 4 years / 50,000 mile warranty, worldwide cover. This means that even if you move, your warranty will be transferred with you.

For other specifications, please contact your authorised Volvo Diplomat dealer for further details.

If I take delivery of a Volvo in Europe, where could the recommended servicing and warranty work be carried out?

No matter if you have purchased European specification or US specification, any authorized European Volvo service centre may perform any scheduled maintenance or carry out any warranty work that may be necessary.


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