VIP Factory Delivery in Sweden

The Volvo Diplomat Sales Program includes many delivery options. The most exclusive and spectacular one is Factory Delivery in Gothenburg, Sweden – the home city of Volvo. Get treated like a Swedish Royalty, enjoy a personal presentation of your new car, go on the factory tour and enjoy Swedish meatballs in the Volvo restaurant. And go back with the best souvenir ever – your new car.

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Your Day at the Factory Delivery Center


A Volvo representative will greet you at the Landvetter airport or Gothenburg ferry terminal and drive you to the Factory Delivery Center. You are the guest of honour and your day of unique atmosphere, service and excitement has only just begun.


Once at the home of Volvo you are welcomed by our English-speaking staff. Refreshments will be served and you will have time to relax and enjoy the exclusively designed facilities including internet, luggage storage, Volvo exhibitions, accessories shop and even showers.


You are introduced to your personal delivery expert who will smooth your way through the process. First a quick review of the necessary documentation, then it’s time to familiarise yourself with your new Volvo in a stylish showroom setting.


For a first taste of Sweden, allow us to serve you our famous meatballs.

  Factory tour

Experience how your car is made, step by step. We offer English-speaking tours of the factory. Other popular Volvo attractions include the Volvo Museum and the Volvo Brand Experience Center.


Before you leave, take the opportunity to see more of Volvo's home town Gothenburg. The city is also an ideal starting point for a tour of beautiful Scandinavia, continental Europe or the UK.

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