Instant TractionTM All-Wheel Drive. Designed Around You.
The new 2015 Volvo line-up represents the cutting edge of automotive innovation and engineering. And at the centre of it all is Volvo’s Instant Traction™ All-Wheel Drive, an intuitive, intelligent technology that delivers premiere performance, dynamic handling and peerless safety – a system so advanced you’ll notice it in every aspect of your drive.


Volvo’s Instant Traction™ All-Wheel Drive is about more than control. It’s about unparalleled traction, higher cornering speeds and more controlled acceleration – apparent from the moment you step on the pedal. Because Instant Traction™ AWD precharges every wheel with torque, all four move the car forward – improving launch performance and preventing you from ever getting stuck. It’s just one of the ways Instant Traction™ AWD puts the “dynamic” in driving dynamics.


Whatever the conditions, Volvo’s Instant Traction™ All-Wheel Drive provides improved handling at every turn of the steering wheel. In ideal conditions, more torque is sent to the front wheels, making handling more predictable and improving fuel efficiency. And in inclement weather, Instant Traction™ AWD automatically detects the moment a tire begins to slip, instantly transferring torque exactly when and where it’s needed. So no matter what the weather calls for, Instant Traction™ AWD gives you instantaneous traction on any road.


As with every Volvo innovation, safety is no afterthought – and that’s never been more apparent than with Volvo’s Instant Traction™ All-Wheel Drive. More than capable in a variety of weather conditions, Instant Traction™ AWD also prevents the car from slipping due to other road hazards. From loose gravel or road debris to unevenly pumped tires, Instant Traction™ AWD instantly analyzes and adapts power to the wheels that need it most, so you get maximum control, improved safety and peace of mind.


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