Checklist - How To Prepare Yourself

Checklist - How To Prepare Yourself

At the Retailer

    • Fill out order form.
    • Fill out and sign Swedish Application for Export registration.
    • Fill out and sign the Power of Attorney. (Please get VIN # for clearance in Halifax)
    • Provide photocopy of your passport.
    • Provide photocopy of your driver's license.
    • The retailer will give you payment instructions, including a request for a 10 % deposit of the car price.
    • Submit proof of deposit payment to the retailer who will place the order.

Order confirmation will be sent to you by mail including:

    • Order confirmation with expected delivery date.
        • Check your VCIC order confirmation to ensure it matches your original order.
        • Check the expected Delivery Date of your car.
    • Home shipment booklet, listing drop-off centres and prices.
        • Note: Some drop-off points in Europe will cost extra, to be paid at the time of drop-off.
    • Checklist
    • Factory Delivery Centre contacting details.

Contact CorpTrav

    • Contact CorpTrav to book your trip.
    • Plan for arrival the day before the delivery date of your car.
      Phone (toll free): 800-730-3555

Final Payment

    • Must be due at VCIC before delivery of your car.
    • Arrange for payment to be made 15 days before delivery (pick-up).
    • Be sure to bring the final payment receipt when taking delivery of your car in Europe.

Arrival Confirmation / FDC

    • Confirm arrival no later than 3 working days before you leave; call or send an e-mail to the Reception at the Factory Delivery.
    • Centre to confirm your flight arrival and delivery appointment or to arrange transportation.
    • Opening hours in Sweden 08.30 am 4.30 pm.
    • Remember the time difference: call before 10 am Eastern / 7 am Pacific etc.
    • Phone: 011-46-31-59 28 65 reception
    • Fax: 011-46-31-53 55 35 or 59 49 99
    • E-mail:


    • If your delivery is at a selected dealership elsewhere outside the factory be sure to contact the delivering agent, keeping to the recommended time given on the order confirmation.
    • Call the delivering agent to confirm your arrival and to check the pick-up date.

Note: Contacting details will be given to you by the retailer.

Home Shipment

    • Hand your car over to our Forwarding / Export Agent. Retain the papers; you will need them. Your Volvo will follow in about 40/50 days.
    • Check that the car is clean (to be ready for CFIA inspection upon arrival).
    • Pick up your car from the Retailer.
    • Fill in and mail Customer Registration Coupon to activate the National Warranty and On Call.

Contact information you should know
         Customer Relations Volvo Cars of Canada Corp.
         9130 Leslie Street
         Suite 101
         Richmond Hill, ON L4B 0B9