Registration and Insurance

Registration and Insurance

Since you will be taking your new Volvo out for its first drive, you will need to have it registered and insured.

For your convenience, 15 days of International Insurance coverage including Swedish export registration is included with your International Travelers Program – Canada car purchase.

To make this process as effortless as possible, your Volvo retailer will help you fill out the Swedish Temporary Registration form when you order your new Volvo.

    • If you plan an extended stay in Europe, up to 6 months of insurance coverage and registration can be purchased. The insurance / registration period starts on the confirmed delivery date. Consult your retailer for cost information.
    • If you decide to change your pickup date, please inform your local Volvo retailer or Volvo Car International Customer Sales directly, telephone number 011-46-31-592865 (Factory Delivery Centre) so that we can arrange for the insurance period to start on the correct date.

Third-Party Liability Insurance Coverage
The Third-Party Liability Insurance is valid in the countries specified on the Green International Motor Insurance card.

The insurance covers liability for damage caused while using the vehicle in traffic and where liability according to law and legal practice can be imposed upon the insured or any person using the vehicle with his/her permission.

Insurance Against Material Damage to Your Vehicle
The insurance is valid for transportation between and within the valid countries and comprises:

    • Damage to the vehicle.
    • Damage to accessories and tools included in the price of the vehicle, as well as any other equipment that can be considered normal for vehicles of the same kind and manufacture as the one insured, on the understanding that the property in question was always attached to or normally kept in the vehicle.
    • Damage to non-attached parts and equipment of the vehicle relating solely to property designated for use in and on the vehicle

Note: The insurance does not cover trailers coupled to the vehicle.

Own Vehicle Insurance
The insurance covers damage to the vehicle as a direct or immediate result of:

    • Collision
    • Transportation by some other means of conveyance
    • Willful damage by a third party
    • Other suddenly occurring external reason beyond the control of the driver

Fire Insurance

The insurance covers damage to the vehicle due to fire, lightning or explosion.

Glass Breakage Insurance
The insurance covers damage consisting of the breaking through or cracking of the car's glass panels.

Theft Insurance
The insurance covers:

    • Loss of the vehicle if stolen and not recovered within one month after the date when the Company received the notification of the loss.
    • Damage of the vehicle when it has been unlawfully taken and used (vehicle theft)
    • Damage to the vehicle through attempted theft of the same.

Measures to be taken in case of loss or damage
According to law, the insured shall without delay notify the Company and the Police of any loss, damage or theft. The claim report should if possible be made on the form adopted by the Company.

Theft should be reported immediately to the local police authority where the damage or theft has occurred.

Personal Accident Insurance (termed Own Vehicle Insurance on the green card)
The personal accident insurance covers the driver and every authorized passenger in the car. The insurance applies to accidents directly connected with the steering, use, operation, loading, unloading and parking of the car.

Please note that this summary of information is compiled for your quick information. Full information is to be found on the Green International Motor Insurance Card which you will receive at the time of delivery of your car.