Match Offer

A match made in Sweden

Out with old, into a Volvo. If you’re approaching the end of your lease and looking for a new vehicle, look no further. For a limited time only, Volvo is matching loyalty offers from any of our competitors, making it that much easier for you to get into a Volvo you will love.

Contact your local retailer for details.

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* Competitive Match Offer is available to customers who currently own or lease a competitor’s model vehicle. Maximum value is $1500 towards a lease or purchase of a new Volvo. Customer eligibility requirements must be met for Competitive Match Offer. Please see retailer for details. Offer is not transferable. Offer only available on purchases or leases of new Volvo vehicles. Offer cannot be combined with any other existing Volvo offers. Customer must provide a copy of Canadian registration and/or Canadian insurance documents showing VIN, name, address and expiration date. Supporting documentation must be available at the time of delivery. Retailer generated DMV printout, vehicle title, prior sales and lease contract or international registration/insurance are not acceptable as supporting documentation. Offer cannot be used toward the payment of sales tax. This offer is subject to taxes. Offer cannot be applied to lease or purchase of Volvo vehicles purchased as used and/or Overseas Delivery (VCIC) program sales. Offer expires September 2, 2014.