Volvo OnCall

Volvo OnCall

Among the many useful standard features that come with your Volvo, the handiest may be Volvo OnCall. Volvo developed OnCall Roadside Assistance for its customers because Volvo cares and believes Volvo owners deserve the highest form of motoring protection available today. Your initial OnCall membership begins when you receive your new Volvo and lasts for four years. It's renewable, so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of Volvo OnCall simply by paying a small annual fee.

Key Features
OnCall includes such services as:

    • 24-hour Emergency Road and Towing Service anywhere in North America
      • Battery Boost
      • Tire Service
      • Fuel Delivery
      • Winching
      • Lost Keys / Lockout
    • Traffic Accident Coverage
    • Computerized Trip Routing/Map Service
    • Trip Interruption Expense Benefits
    • Reunite Service with your vehicle
    • Car Rental Savings
    • Volvo Retailer locator

How OnCall Works
Volvo OnCall is designed to render service through our 1-800-263-0475 number. We provide you with emergency road and towing service through a network of independent authorized service providers. If we are unable to provide service, we will give you authorization to seek help from a non-authorized service provider.

Special Equipment
Volvo OnCall includes the use of special equipment when required. Otherwise, charges beyond a normally-equipped service vehicle and one driver will not be reimbursed.

Extreme Weather
Under normal conditions, calling 1-800-263-0475 will provide prompt, courteous service. However, when weather or road conditions are extremely bad, we ask for your patience and understanding. Emergency situations which involve a stranded member are given priority over service calls from members in their home or office. During severe conditions we may ask you to locate service through the phone book, pay for the service and forward your original receipts for reimbursement to a maximum of $130.00 per disablement.

What the Coverage Does Not Include
Volvo OnCall provides service for most emergency situations but does not include:

    • Repeated service calls for a car in need of routine maintenance
    • Shoveling snow from around a vehicle
    • Installation or removal of snow chains or snow tires
    • Vehicle storage charges, costs of parts and installation, products, materials, impounding and additional labour related to towing
    • Trailers, boats or other items towed by your Volvo

Road Side Assistance Service Guide

Care by Volvo

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