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  • 'Volvo - The Game' released on Internet today

    Volvo - The Game: the exciting new challenge for everyone who enjoys racing games is being released today. It features all of Volvo's racing legends over the years and also introduces a new star: the Volvo S60 Concept. Just download the game, select your favourite Volvo vehicle and test your skills on one of the two highly authentic tracks. The game has been developed together with SimBin Studios.
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  • Volvo S60 Concept and stars of the BTCC take to the track in video racing game

    On May 26, Volvo Car Corporation will release a free-of-charge racing game developed in concert with Swedish video game specialists SimBin. Users can virtually pilot the Volvo S60 Concept or five Volvo racing legends many people will remember from the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) and British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) racing series.
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  • Peter Horbury new head of Design at Volvo Car Corporation

    Volvo Car Corporation has today appointed Peter Horbury as new Vice President of Design. He replaces Steve Mattin, who has elected to leave the company.
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  • Volvo Cars uses sun simulators to lower interior emissions

    During the development of a new vehicle, engineers at Volvo Car Corporation subject prototypes to intense sun lamps, designed to bring the vehicle's interior temperature up to 65-degrees Celsius in an effort to measure emissions from interior components. At such high temperatures, many interior materials can release harmful emissions, but Volvo Cars minimizes the emissions by carefully selecting textiles and materials that are free of compounds that would aggravate allergies.
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  • Volvo innovation could save over a hundred thousand lives a year

    Saving a life can be so simple: grab, stretch, click! A study conducted by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) confirms that when a vehicle's occupant is wearing a safety belt, their chances of surviving a collision improve by 50 percent. Since its introduction in 1959 by Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin, the three-point belt has remained the automobile's most vital safety system. However, even more lives could be saved if belt usage increased.
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  • 3-point safety belt from Volvo - the most effective lifesaver in traffic for fifty years

    Few people have saved as many lives as Nils Bohlin - the Volvo engineer who in 1959 invented the V-type three-point safety belt. A design as obvious as it was intelligent, it remains as perfectly suited to the seat occupant's body today as it did 50 years ago and still provides the most effective protection in the event of a collision.
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  • Volvo says 3-point belt remains central in today's and tomorrow's safety systems

    While the three-point safety belt's simple basic design has remained largely the same since Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin introduced the device 50 years ago, it has also undergone numerous refinements to deliver collision protection more effectively and remains an integral part of the industry's high-tech safety system development.
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111-117 of 117 results|Results per page:102050