on the frankincense trail

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  • Sign Sign
  • Sandy roads Sandy roads
  • Omani guide Omani guide
  • Old trees Old trees
  • Seller Seller
  • Dried sap Dried sap
  • Perfumes Perfumes
  • Fort Fort
  • Two-headed camel Two-headed camel
  • Tribesman Tribesman
  • Old man Old man
  • Mahari tribe boys Mahari tribe boys
  • Mahari boy Mahari boy
  • Omani women Omani women
  • Lost city Lost city
  • Water Water
  • The desert The desert
  • Camel herd Camel herd
  • Camel skull Camel skull
  • The Chedi The Chedi
  • Doorman Doorman
  • Dagger Dagger
  • Luxury suite Luxury suite
  • Pool by the ocean Pool by the ocean

Frankincense, the sap from the Boswellia Sacra tree, has been prized for over four millennia. LIV went in search of it in Oman. Occasionally the road ran out, but that didn’t stop us...
Photographs by Andrew Shaylor