Innovations to keep you connected on the road of life.

A great experience on the road should include both the way your car drives and the way you feel when you drive it.

So we developed Sensus, a suite of technologies to connect you with your car and the world around you.

Each feature is thoughtfully designed, allowing you to control and personalize every aspect of the drive, because we want you to love your car as much on the inside as you do on the outside.


Connect with your car

Our next generation in-car technology perfectly embodies Swedish innovation to make your life easier and more enjoyable at every turn.


Volvo On Call

Volvo On Call is our smartphone app with a host of clever solutions that let you control your car and get the help you need remotely. It’s our way of making every day a little less complicated.

Uniquely ours, but especially for you

Our Sensus technology was built with you and your needs at its core. It’s part of what makes Volvo stand apart from the competition.

Our Innovations

Everything we do is designed around people, so every innovation we make is designed to simplify and improve your life. We're especially proud of our advances in efficient power, connectivity and safety. We call our thinking in these areas: Drive-E, Sensus and IntelliSafe.