Every detail matters


Gasoline engines


  • Engines
    • MSRP Starting at
    • Engine Type Description
      2.5 L, Inline 5-Cylinder, Double Overhead Cam, 20-Valve Turbocharged with Intercooler
    • Power Train
      All wheel drive
    • Number of Cylinders
    • Engine Displacement
      2497 cc
    • Engine Bore
      83 mm
    • Engine Stroke
      92.3 mm
    • Max Engine Power (kW)
      187 kW
    • Horsepower (Hp)
      250 hp
    • Rev at max engine power
      5400 rpm
    • Torque
      266 Nm
    • Rev at max engine torque
      1800 - 4200 rpm
    • Fuel type
  • Capacity
    • Fuel Capacity
      70 l
    • Cargo Capacity
      873 l
    • Towing Capacity
      1588 kg
  • Weights
    • Serving Weight
      1900 kg
    • Total Weight
    • 6-Speed "Geartronic" Automatic Transmission
      2429 kg
    • Roof Max Load
      100 kg
  • Exterior Dimensions
    • Height
      1713 mm
    • Length
      4644 mm
    • Width
      1891 mm
    • Width inc. Mirrors
      2120 mm
    • Wheel Base
      2774 mm
    • Track Front
      1632 mm
    • Track Rear
      1586 mm
    • Turning Circle, curb to curb
      11.7 m
  • Interior dimensions
    • Head Room Front
      969 mm
    • Head Room Rear
      969 mm
    • Shoulder Room Front
      1439 mm
    • Shoulder Room Rear
      1403 mm
    • Leg Room Front
      1047 mm
    • Leg Room Rear
      924 mm
    • Hip Room Front
      1377 mm
    • Hip Room Rear
      1367 mm
  • Miscellaneous
    • Environmental Classification
      Euro 6


Add something extra

  • Safety Comfort Tech & Sound Pack & Load Performance Packages
  • Preventive safety

    • Electric Parking Brake
      • The power parking brake is easily engaged by pulling the control upwards. You can also set the parking brake to engage automatically every time you stop the engine. It is released automatically as soon as you press the accelerator with the transmission in the DRIVE or REVERSE mode.
    • Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
      • Ending the need to take your hand off the steering wheel and stop headlight beams shining in your eyes, the anti-dazzle function is stepless and returns to normal when it's no longer needed.
    • LED Daytime Running Lights
      • Automatically activated during daylight, these energy efficient LED lights make your car more conspicuous. When the low beam headlights are needed for illumination, they are automatically engaged by a twilight sensor.
    • Active High Beam (AHB)
      • Active High Beam (AHB), included in the Technology Package uses a camera at the upper edge of the windshield to detect the headlights of oncoming vehicles or the taillights of a vehicle directly ahead. When this happens, the headlights will automatically switch from high beams to low beams. When the camera no longer detects the headlights/ taillights of other vehicles, your headlights will switch back to high beams after several seconds.
    • City Safety
      • City Safety™ is a support system designed to help the driver avoid low speed collisions when driving in slow-moving, stop-and-go traffic. City Safety™ is active between 2 and 30 mph. Applies the brakes automatically, thereby avoiding or helping to reduce the effects of a collision. The system will not intervene in situations where the driver actively steers the vehicle or Applies the brakes.
    • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA), Optimized Hydraulic Brakes (OHB), Ready Alert Brakes (RAB) and Fading Brake Support (FBS)
      • When you’ve been caught by surprise by another car pulling out of a junction unexpectedly, that’s when large anti-lock ventilated disc brakes really come into their own – shorter stopping distances at times like this make all the difference. And if you find yourself travelling down a mountain road with the need to brake often and hard, you’ll welcome our brakes’ resistance to fading. But since there is always a risk of fade, your Volvo is also prepared for this, with Fading Brake Support. This system gradually builds hydraulic brake pressure so that you always have reassuring pedal feel. But what if you find yourself having to brake in an emergency, and perhaps not applying the necessary pressure to the pedal? Well, we’ve developed Hydraulic Brake Assist, which ensures maximum braking pressure is applied hydraulically during a panic stop. Likewise, if you suddenly lift off the accelerator or sensors detect an obstacle in front of the car, Ready Alert Brakes instantly move the brake pads closer to the brake discs to reduce the braking distance. And Electronic Brake Distribution ensures that the right amount of braking goes to the front and rear of your Volvo depending on where the load in the car is distributed and what the road conditions are. The braking system of your Volvo also contributes to your convenience when you're at a standstill in different conditions. An automatic hold function ensures the brakes will be kept engaged after you have braked the car to a standstill and releases the brake pedal. If the car is stopped for a longer period, the power parking brake takes over. To make it easier and safer for driving uphill or downhill from standstill, the Hill Start Assist function keeps the brakes applied a short period after you have released the brake pedal until you press the accelerator – there's no risk the car will move while your foot moves from the brake pedal to the accelerator.
    • Auto Dimming Interior and Exterior Mirrors
      • One of the most annoying things about night driving is the blinding glare from other cars’ headlights. Our generously dimensioned door mirrors are made of chromatic glass that automatically dims to diminish glare from traffic behind you. The mirrors use an internal sensor to monitor light conditions and recognise glare from headlights. When this is detected, the inner and outer rear view mirrors will darken simultaneously to the exact degree necessary. Once the source of the glare disappears, the glass returns to its normal state automatically. Other functions include an optional built-in compass in the inner rear view mirror and ground lighting as well as indicators embedded in the sides of the outer mirrors.
    • Active Dual Xenon Headlights with Headlights Washers
      • You know when you’re driving down a winding country road at night and the headlights don’t quite show you everything coming up around the next bend? We wondered, what if your headlights could swivel like eyes, so your car could help you see around corners? So we developed Active Bending Lights – with motorised lamps that can turn up to 15 degrees in either direction – that follow the way you steer. And by using extra bright Dual Xenon lights (low beam and high beam), you get a 90 per cent boost to your vision round bends at night. This means you can gain a further 45 metres for braking. You can also experience highly effective low-beam illumination on narrow, winding roads and extremely powerful high beams on the motorway – a sensor disengages the adaptive function during daylight to reduce wear. It’s a very clever system, too – depending on the load in the car, the headlights self-adjust to maintain the correct angle to the road, even during hard acceleration or braking.

    Protective safety

    • Side Impact Protection System (SIPS)
      • We developed our unique Side Impact Protection System to help protect where you and your passengers are most exposed in the event of a side-collision. The steel framework of the car – including the front seat frames – is designed and reinforced to help displace the impact of a side-collision away from the occupants to other parts of the car body and help prevent intrusion into the cabin. The extremely strong side structure contains ultra-high strength steel and softer grades of steel to help withstand a severe side impact – even with a larger vehicle. The Inflatable Curtain (IC) for all the outboard occupants and the front seat side airbags interact with the SIPS to help provide further protection. In the rear, SIPS and the IC help protect the passengers in the outer rear seats.
    • Seat Belts: Five, 3-Point Inertia-Reel Belts; Five Have Pre-Tensioners and Front Have Height Adjustment
      • All seats have three-point safety belts with pre-tensioners. In the event of a collision, the safety belt is tensioned across the body to help provide maximum protection. The front seat safety belts then slacken slightly to ensure the occupants are restrained by the airbags in a more controlled manner. Sound signals and warning symbols in the instrument panel and above the inner rear-view mirror provide a reminder to fasten your safety belt before driving away.
    • Side Impact Airbags (SIPSBAGS II™)
      • In a side-collision, the side airbags inflate instantly to help protect the chest and hip. The side airbags are located in the ideal spot on the front seatback.
    • Inflatable Side Curtain (IC)
      • In a frontal offset or side-on collision, the Inflatable Curtain (IC) helps protect the heads of both front and rear passengers who are sitting on the sides. It also stays inflated for several seconds to provide prolonged protection in the event of secondary impacts. For the optional integrated booster seat* in the rear, IC has been extended downward to improve head protection for smaller or younger children.
    • Collapsible Steering Column
      • The steering column is an advanced part of the safety system, with the upper and lower sections giving way in a controlled manner in a frontal impact to help protect the driver.
    • Whiplash Protection Seating System (WHIPS)
      • Integrated in the front seats, Volvo's unique Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS) cradles the spine and neck in a controlled manner. The system is activated by a collision of sufficient force from behind. Since its introduction in 1998, it has helped reduce long-term consequences by more than 50%.


    • HomeLink® Integrated Garage Door Opener
      • Homelink® Remote Garage Door Opener is an advanced system that can be programmed to learn the codes of three different remote-controlled devices (e.g., garage door openers, remote lighting, entry door lock). The Homelink® sun-visor-mounted transceiver may then be used in place of your handheld remote controls.
    • Power Retractable Exterior Mirrors
      • To protect your door mirrors from damage, press both buttons for the left and right mirror at the same time to fold them flat against the car. They can also be set to fold or unfold automatically every time you lock or unlock the car. And to facilitate parking, the door mirror on the passenger side can tilt automatically (or by the push of a button) to show you the curb when reversing.
    • Central Power Door Locks with Remote Keyless Entry, Tailgate and Fuel Filler Locks
      • A touch of a button on the remote control or the optional Personal Car Communicator unlocks the doors and bootlid. Use the personal settings menu to decide if the remote unlocks the driver’s door first, or all doors at the same time. You can also close or open all windows (including the sunroof if you have one) and unlock the boot separately.
    • Immobilizer, Encrypted Ignition Key
      • Not only will the door locks withstand most break-in attempts, the electronic immobilizer makes it impossible to start the car without the right key. And even if a would-be thief manages to get into the car, via the window, for example, the deadlock system makes it impossible to open the door from the inside.
    • Keyless Drive
      • Start your Volvo with your remote control in your pocket. As long as your remote control is inside the car, you can start the engine simply by pressing the start button on the tunnel console while depressing the brake pedal.
    • Safe Approach and Home Safe Lighting
      • Press the remote control button when approaching the car and the parking lights, interior lights and ground lighting will illuminate to make the vehicle more visible. When you leaving the car, a simple press of the headlight stalk will illuminate the low beam headlights creating a clear path of light for 30, 60 or 90 seconds.
  • Seats

    • Front Centre Armrest
      • Further adding to your comfort and convenience, the front centre armrest is fore-aft adjustable and incorporates several facilities. Two cup holders and a 12 V power outlet are concealed by a roll-top cover. There's a handy storage space beneath the armrest, and special recesses for small items. The armrest also features an AUX input or – depending on your choice of audio system – a USB port to connect your auxiliary devices to the car's audio system.
    • Heated Rear Seats
      • The optional electrical heating is available for the two outer seating positions, with individual controls.
    • Power Adjustable Driver Seat, 8-Way with 3-Position Memory and Lumbar Support
      • Our leather seats not only look fantastic, they are designed to inspire dynamic driving and give you great side support all the way from your thighs to your shoulders. In typical Volvo fashion, you will arrive feeling fresh, even after long stints behind the wheel. Providing many seating possibilities, the power adjustment also includes fore-aft, tilt and power multi-directional lumbar support. In other words: you can easily tailor the front seats of your Volvo to fit your body perfectly – the ergonomic controls are conveniently fitted at the sides of the seats. Meanwhile, the specially-designed seat backsides contribute to increased legroom for the rear passengers.
    • Heated Front Seats
      • Essential for those early morning winter starts, you can set the heating to two positions using buttons on the centre console.
    • R-Design Split Leather Seating Surfaces with Contrasting Inlay
      • Inspired by racing seats, the R-Design seats feature seating surfaces in genuine nappa leather that have a genuine natural feel that is soft to the touch and adds a luxurious touch to the interior. Contrasting stitching enhances the sculpted seat design. And for the uncompromised sporty touch, sections of the seats are upholstered in perforated leather that also are echoed in the handbrake lever, gearshift gaiter and front centre armrest.


    • Heated Windshield Washer Nozzles
      • These nozzles prevent washer fluid from freezing on those cold winter days. Using a microprocessor-based device that runs off the vehicle’s electrical system, the nozzles heat automatically in cold weather, heating the washer fluid as it passes through the chamber on its way to the windshield. The nozzles begin heating the fluid when the temperature reaches 0˚C.
    • Interior Air Quality System (IAQS)
      • Volvo's Interior Air Quality System (IAQS) continuously monitors incoming air and will, if necessary, temporarily close external air vents to shut out carbon monoxide, ground-level o-zone and nitrogen dioxide. Meanwhile, an active carbon filter protects the occupants from other harmful gases and unpleasant odours. This helps to ensure that the air you breathe in the car is cleaner than that outside when driving in heavy city traffic and tunnels.
    • Electronic Climate Control
      • Electronic Climate Control (ECC) maintains the cabin temperature you choose and can be set independently for the driver and front passenger. Further contributing to your health and comfort, the system’s humidity sensor helps ensure cabin air has an appropriate level of humidity in relation to the outside climate.
    • Laminated Panoramic Sunroof with Power Sunshade
      • This exclusive panoramic roof will further enhance the experience of air and light for everyone inside the Volvo XC60. The front section can be opened at the push of a button, either by sliding it over the rear part, or by tilting it in the rear end. To help maintain climate comfort on sunny days, there's a power operated roller curtain. Dark tinted laminated glass increases comfort and security. It also helps protect from UV radiation. For safety reasons, the design of the panoramic roof is optimised and the two-piece glass is laminated.
    • Heated Windshield
      • Activated when you engage reverse gear, rear park assist helps you when reversing into tight spaces. The audio system is turned down and a pulsating sound from the rear loudspeakers becomes a continuous tone as you approach an obstacle. Front park assist performs a similar function at the front of the vehicle – alerting you via the front loudspeakers. The remaining distance is also shown in the center console color display.
    • Heated Steering Wheel
      • Need a little help thawing out those cold winter mornings? Just push a button and warm your hands on our heated leather steering wheel.


    • Cupholders
      • The two cupholders for the driver and front seat passenger are hidden under an elegant roll-top cover and conveniently positioned in the tunnel console. To provide extra storage, the cupholders can be removed.
    • Front Seat Back Storage Pockets
      • Choose the Leksand or Leather upholstery and the front seat backs have convenient storage pockets built in for extra carrying space.
  • Driver's support

    • Driver Alert Control (DAC)
      • The Driver Alert Control (DAC) alerts the driver when their concentration level is affected. Together with the Lane Departure Warning or Lane Keeping Aid (dependent on model), the system monitors the vehicle’s movements and assesses whether it’s being driven in a controlled or uncontrolled manner. If DAC determines that the driving behaviour resembles that of a tired or inattentive driver, the system displays a warning sound and the message, “Time for a break” appears in the display.
    • Power Folding Rear Headrests
      • Perfect for improving rear visibility when reversing, the electrically powered foldable rear head restraints are activated by the touch of a button from the driver’s seat. The head restraints fold forwards so that rear-seat passengers notice and raise them again when entering the car.
    • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
      • It can happen so easily; you’re on a long motorway trip, or momentarily distracted and you wander briefly out of your lane. This puts you in danger of collision, or of simply going off the road. It doesn’t bear thinking about, but your Volvo can help with the Lane Departure Warning system. When you’re driving over 65km/h, a camera looks at the lane markings and can tell if you wander out of your lane. If you do, you will be alerted with vibrations in the steering wheel or an audible sound. But if you use indicators to signal a lane change, Lane Departure Warning will stay silent
    • Rear Park Assist Camera
      • Activated when you engage reverse gear, the Rear Park Assist Camera helps you see the area behind the car on your center console display. The display shows an image of the area with two yellow lines that mark where the car will go; these lines change according to the position of the steering wheel.
    • Distance Alert (DA)
      • Keep control of the distance to the vehicle in front and your Volvo will alert you if you come to close. If the Adaptive Cruise Control is disengaged and a vehicle in front comes too close, the distance alert function activates a warning light to help you keep a proper distance. The warning light is displayed on the windshield, from head-up LEDs on the dashboard or with a symbol if your car is equipped with the full-graphic head-up display.
    • Cruise Control
      • Conveniently operated from the steering wheel, cruise control allows you to drive in a more relaxed way without having to keep your foot on the accelerator. The car maintains the speed you choose until you turn off the cruise control or press the brake, accelerator or clutch. After braking or using the clutch, the car returns to its previous cruising speed at the touch of a button. After accelerating – for instance to overtake – your car automatically reverts to its previous cruising speed once you release the accelerator.
    • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Queue Assist
      • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) activated at speeds over 18 mph. Select desired speed and minimum time gap to vehicle in front of you so the system can adjust the speed accordingly. Queue Assist function automatically adapts your speed to the vehicle in front.
    • Road Sign Information (RSI)
      • With RSI you don't have to miss important road signs. A forward camera detects speed limit, "no passing", "no entry" and various types of supplementary signs. The actual sign is then displayed in the speedometer or in the head-up display – to help keep you constantly alert on current restrictions. If you want, RSI can also alert you with a visual warning if you exceed the speed limit, by flashing gently three times. This is easily set in the center console menu.
    • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) and Cross Traffic Alert (CTA)
      • We’ve all experienced that nasty little shock as we’re changing lanes and suddenly realize that there’s another vehicle in our blind spot. BLIS uses rear-facing cameras installed in the door mirrors to keep a lookout on either side of the car. As a vehicle enters your blind spot, this function can alert you with a lamp built into the front door post – left and right. Together with the door mirrors, this helps you assess the feasibility of a lane change. BLIS is activated once the car exceeds 10 km/h and reacts to almost any type of vehicle, including motorcycles. And BLIS maintains its vigil day or night.
    • Front and Rear Park Assist
      • Activated when you engage reverse gear, rear park assist helps you when reversing into tight spaces. The audio system is turned down and a pulsating sound from the rear loudspeakers becomes a continuous tone as you approach an obstacle. Front park assist performs a similar function at the front of the vehicle – alerting you via the front loudspeakers. The remaining distance is also shown in the center console colour display.
    • Rain Sensor
      • Once activated, the rain sensor can start the windshield wipers as soon as it begins to rain or if water splashes onto the window. For your convenience, it can also automatically adapt the intermittent-wiper function. Its sensitivity can be adjusted via a ring on the wiper stalk.
    • Power Heated Outside Mirrors
      • Easily adjusted from the driver's seat, the power adjustable door mirrors are electrically heated and therefore kept free from frost in cold weather.
    • Power Windows with Driver and Passenger "Auto Up/Down" with Anti-Trap Feature
      • The power windows have controls conveniently located in the door armrests. The front windows can be lowered or raised with a quick press or pull of a button, and you can lock the back windows from the driver’s seat if you’re travelling with small children. In this case, you’ll also be glad of the automatic anti-clamp protection, which will stop a window from closing on a trapped little hand.


    • Volvo Sensus with Integrated 7-inch Colour Display
      • Volvo's intuitive SENSUS screen allows you to explore conveniently the hi-tech features of your car and personalise them to suit your needs. All information is displayed in a high-resolution 5-inch or 7-inch colour screen. A push of the MY CAR button in the centre console gives you access to all system settings like City Safety, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake and Pedestrian Detection, Driver Alert Control, Lane Keeping Aid, Radar Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), Road Sign Information (RSI), lights, door mirrors, climate, central locking, audio and phone. The multimedia audio systems with 7-inch screen will also display the Road Traffic Information (RTI) navigation system, park assist camera, DVD, digital TV etc. Everything is conveniently controlled using the centre console or steering wheel controls – so you can keep your attention on the traffic and your hands on the steering wheel. And with our new Sensus Connect solutions, you convert the 7-inch Sensus screen into an internet-connected infotainment hub. It will give you further access to advanced in-car infotainment and connectivity, while enabling future web and cloud based in-car functionality.
    • Bluetooth™ Hands-Free Phone Interface with Audio Streaming
      • Bluetooth® technology enables a mobile phone to be connected wirelessly to the infotainment system in your Volvo. Once tethered to a mobile phone, this advanced interface automatically recognizes your phone as you enter the car. As you climb in and out of the car, the system automatically allows you to switch freely from the phone to the handsfree system and back again. You can keep up to two phones simultaneously connected. What’s more, you can stream music from your mobile phone and listen to it through the car’s audio system and connect your iPod®.
    • Volvo Navigation System with Real Time Traffic, Remote Control, Map Care with Two Complimentary Map Updates and Rear Park Assist Camera
      • The Volvo navigation system is your perfect travel companion. It is a high performance DVD system using a combination of voice guidance and map displays to help you find the shortest and fastest way to your destination, saving you both time and fuel costs along the way. It will tell you where the nearest petrol station is or give directions to a restaurant and it also suggests an alternate route when your normal route is overly congested (requires traffic information, TMC). The 6.5" screen is located in a high position in the centre stack ensuring safe viewing. You don't have to remove the navigation system from your vehicle when you park, it is fully integrated into the car, hence offering theft protection and the benefit of having no visible cables in your Volvo. The system has passed severe Volvo crash tests and is located in a position that minimizes the risk of harming occupants in case of an accident. To help you keep track of new roads and points of interest, you can join our MapCare programme for two free map updates.
  • Load compartment

    • 40/20/40 Flat Folding Seats
      • To provide multiple load configurations with a flat load floor, the rear backrest is split three-ways in the proportions 40/20/40. If you need extra space for ski gear for that trip to the Alps, lowering the centre section provides ample space for loading snowboards and skis, while still keeping the two most comfortable seats. What’s more, the backrests and head restraints only take one step to fold.
    • Power Operated Tailgate with Programmable Memory Setting
      • The tailgate can be opened automatically in three different ways: with the remote control, using the button on the dashboard, or by pulling the handle. To help minimise risk of injury, only a switch in the tailgate can be used to trigger automatic closing. Also, an anti-pinch strip around the tailgate opening can detect obstructions to help avoid pinching your fingers.
    • Cargo Cover
      • Use this retractable load cover to conceal your gear in the load compartment. It’s colour-coordinated with the interior.
    • Grocery Bag Holder
      • Folds up from the load compartment floor to accommodate shopping bags or other cargo – secure with hooks and an elastic strap. When not in use, it's hidden in the floor.
    • Locking Cargo Floor Storage Compartment
      • Under the load compartment floor you’ve got an extra space for storage. This area is easy to access via a hinged floor hatch. In addition the tailgate – just by the function of its elegant design – overlaps and locks the hatch when it's closed, preventing a smash-and-grab burglary.
  • Engines


    • Eight-Speed "Geartronic" Automatic with Start/Stop and Adaptive Shift
      • Do you want an intuitive, responsive powertrain that feels like an extension of your senses? Mated to our all-new generation turbocharged four-cylinder Drive-E engines, this newly developed eight-speed automatic transmission ensures you're always in the right gear – whether it's for optimal engine response and driveability, or for a smooth driving experience with the highest fuel-efficiency.
    • Six-Speed "Geartronic" Automatic Transmission with Advanced Quick Shift
      • Wouldn’t it be nice to have a car that’s just as much at home towing a caravan or negotiating heavy traffic as it is taking on a challenging open road? Well, you can. With the six-speed Geartronic you stay in control in all conditions. With an all-new gearshifter in piano black finish with white lettering, this is a responsive automatic that can instantly switch to manual mode when you need it. Depending on engine, the Geartronic transmission also features a sport mode for more active driving – when it is activated, the gearbox reacts more urgently to throttle inputs and allows the engine higher revs during acceleration.
    • Electronically Controlled All-Wheel Drive with Instant Traction™
      • The advanced AWD technology with Instant Traction™ helps increase driving stability and traction on all road surfaces, in all weather conditions. It has an electronic management system that constantly monitors the speed of the wheels, the throttle, engine torque, engine speed and the brakes. As driving conditions change, wheels with the best grip get the most power. When a tyre loses traction, power is reduced to that wheel and instantly transferred to the more sure-footed wheels.
    • Paddle Shifters
      • If you enjoy driving, our new paddle shifters will add even more fun behind the steering wheel. They offer faster and more precise manual gear changes. By allowing you to keep your hands on the steering wheel, the paddle shifters also ensure you are always 100% in control of your car.

    Chassis & Steering

    • Corner Traction Control (CTC) by Torque Vectoring
      • Corner Traction Control (CTC) through Torque Vectoring balances the torque between the front wheels during acceleration while cornering – the torque is being re-distributed from a spinning inner wheel to the outer wheel – this reduces understeer and increase traction. This also enhances stability when cornering at higher speeds.
    • Roll Stability Control (RSC)
      • Volvo's Roll Stability Control (RSC) can help prevent the vehicle from rolling over. It features a gyroscopic sensor that registers the vehicle's lean angle and rollover risk. If required, RSC will cut engine power or brake one or more of the wheels just enough to reduce the centrifugal force and help regain balance.
    • Power Assisted, Rack and Pinion Steering
      • This electrical power assisted rack and pinion steering saves fuel and responds to your commands precisely and intuitively. Behind the wheel, you can enjoy responsive yet firm steering at all speeds. And you easily adapt the steering characteristics and power assistance to suit your driving needs or moods: choose City, Highway or Sport and you can enjoy the ultimate setting for each situation.
  • Available Packages

    • Climate Package with Booster Seat
      • - Dual Outboard Two-Stage Child Booster Seats with Power Childlock Rear Door - Heated Windshield Washer Nozzles - Heated Steering Wheel - Heated Windshield - Interior Air Quality System (IAQS)
    • Convenience Package
      • - Power Operated Tailgate with Programmable Memory Setting - Rear Park Assist Camera - HomeLink® Integrated Garage Door Opener - Grocery Bag Holder - 12V Power Outlet in Cargo Area - Power Folding Rear Headrests
    • Inscription Package
      • - Perforated Leather Upholstery - Anthracite Black Headliner - 8.0" x 20" - "Avior" Alloy Wheels with 255/45-R20 Tires - Leather-Covered Dashboard - "Inscription" Branded Aluminum Tread Plates - "Inscription" Branded Floor Mats - Power Lumbar Support - Leather Front Console Cover - Linear Walnut Wood Inlay
    • Navigation Package
      • - Connected Navigation - Harman Kardon Premium Sound - Auto Dimming Interior and Exterior Mirrors - Accent Lighting - Power Retractable Exterior Mirrors
    • Technology Package
      • - Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Queue Assist - Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake (CWAB) - Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake - Distance Alert (DA) - Driver Alert Control (DAC) - Lane Departure Warning (LDW) - Road Sign Information - Active High Beam