Home Shipment And Reception

Home Shipment And Reception

When the time comes for you to return home, your car can be dropped off at any of our drop-off locations in Europe. To learn more about our drop-off locations, contact your participating Volvo retailer.

Home shipment is included in the price.

    • Volvo usually has a contracted Forwarding Agent to ship your car back to Canada and to the retailer where you bought the car. Please note that an extra fee must be paid at several drop-off locations when you hand in your car.
    • We also recommend that the car be thoroughly cleaned at a car wash before it is dropped off. Since 2003 the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) will inspect the car upon arrival and should the car need to be cleaned the customer will need to pay a fee of CAD 536 covering inspection and cleaning.
    • Policy directives are to be found at www.inspection.gc.ca (D-95-26 Appendix 4-5).

For Tourists the Volvo Home Shipment Program is only valid for 2 or 6 months, depending on where you drop the car off.

In accordance with European customs regulations valid as from July 01, 2009 all Tourist cars must be exported from Europe (EU) within 6 months from delivery, provided the exportation is done from Sweden (includes our drop off locations in Gothenburg (SE) and Stockholm (SE)). When using our other drop off locations (outside Scandinavia) the export declaration must be done when you take delivery of the car, which limits your use of the car in Europe to 2 months.

Please see the Volvo Home Shipment Brochure for transport charges, payment methods and currency for each Home Shipment Agent. Appointment must be done with the Home Shipment Agent 4 days in advance. Your local Home Shipment Agent is available to answer any questions you may have.

Once the car arrives in Halifax you will be contacted by our agent, Schenker, who will clear your car through customs on your behalf.

    • Import duty is paid by Volvo.
    • Goods & Services Tax (GST) — 5% of the value of the car is to be paid by the customer to Schenker.
    • Registration of the vehicle in Canada will be taken care of by the customer. The customer is also responsible for paying the registration fee.
    • Provincial Sales Tax (PST) if applicable to be paid by the customer once the car arrives in its province.