Mobility by Volvo

Mobility by Volvo is a logical extension of the Volvo philosophy that travels from the retailer to your driveway. The goal is to assist persons who are mobility challenged or hearing impaired so their transportation needs can be met within the extraordinary comfort and safety of a specially adapted Volvo.

Mobility by Volvo provides:

    • Up to $1,000 in financial assistance toward the cost of adding adaptive equipment to an eligible new Volvo
    • Up to $200 on alert hearing devices

Maximum reimbursement is $1,000.*

Adaptive Equipment

The term "adaptive equipment" describes devices that make it easier for people with physical disabilities or impairments to drive or be transported in a vehicle. However, options available for factory or retailer installation, such as running boards and power-assisted seats, are not considered eligible for reimbursement.

Although an adaptive equipment assessment center is probably your best authority on what's right for you or a family member, here are the kinds of adaptive equipment available for Volvo vehicles:

    • Carriers
    • Lifts/Hoists
    • Driving Aids/Hand Controls
    • Alert Hearing Device

Note: The adaptive equipment listed above is subject to change and to be used for reference purposes only. Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. is providing this information for assistance and reference purposes only, and no endorsement is intended. The quality of services and/or equipment provided by others can only be assured by the supplying organization. Consumers should verify information and obtain complete references before having their vehicle adaptation completed.

Adaptive equipment is defined as any device that makes it easier for persons with disabilities to drive or to be transported in a vehicle. Equipment without clear definition of need, such as alert hearing devices, swivel seats and pedal extensions, will require original documentation, clearly detailing the physical disability or permanent impairment, prepared by a licensed or certified medical or medical-related professional.

• Offer is limited to $1,000 toward the cost of adding adaptive equipment, and $200 on an alert hearing device, per vehicle. Maximum reimbursement is $1,000. Offer open only to legal Canadian residents. Offer is not transferable.
• Offer only available for purchases of 2014 or 2015 model year new vehicles, properly retired courtesy cars, and retired demonstrators. Offer cannot be applied to the purchase of any other model year Volvo, any other model year courtesy car, models sold directly or indirectly outside of the Canada, and/or VCIC (overseas delivery) program sales. Vehicles purchased as used are not eligible.
• Claims must be submitted within 180 days of vehicle purchases.
• Factory installed or retailer installation options, such as running boards and power assisted seats, are not considered eligible for reimbursement.
• Offer cannot be used toward the cost of the purchase or installation of Volvo options or accessories, and the payment of sales tax. This offer is subject to federal, provincial and local taxes.
• Consumers should verify modification information and obtain complete modifier references before having the vehicle modification completed.