Engine Remote Start


00:00:31:10 00:00:34:00 Engine Remote Start keeps you warm in winter... 00:00:35:00 00:00:37:50 ...and cool in summer

The bon voyage starter

The Volvo Engine Remote Start lets you control your car’s temperature from your kitchen table. Just press the button on your key and let the engine do the work.

Perfectly tempered decisions

The Volvo Engine Remote Start makes you a safer driver. By pre-heating or pre-cooling your car, the driving conditions will be perfect from the start. After all, safe driving is closely connected to you being clear-headed enough to make the right decisions.

A good day for a long breakfast

All snowed in? Don’t use that as an excuse for skipping breakfast. With the Volvo Engine Remote Start you can wave ice-scraping goodbye for good. Just click the button and let the car take care of melting the snow while you enjoy another cup of coffee.

Arrive in style

With the Volvo Engine Remote Start you’ll never have to worry about looking like you’ve had a rough drive. It controls the interior climate of your car perfectly, letting you arrive in mint condition – in any weather.

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This product is available for selected Volvo models with an automatic gearbox (see below). For further information regarding availability please contact your local retailer.

The ERS is available on:
MY12 – MY14 XC60
• MY12 – MY14 S60 T6 (Chassis 076075 - and higher)
• MY13 – MY14 S60 T5
• MY12 – MY14 S80
• MY12 – MY14 XC70