Volvo Genuine Windscreens

The Importance of Volvo Genuine Windscreens

An Overview of the Importance of the Windscreen

We don’t often think of it, but the windscreen is one of the most important safety systems in your Volvo. It not only has to ensure an undistorted view of what’s in front of you, but it is also a critical component in the structural strength of the body of the car.

The quality of the windscreen affect the way the car deforms in a collision and its strength is vital to help maintain the structural integrity of the car. It must support the airbag on the passenger side (which is designed to use the windscreen as a support when deployed), allowing it to deploy in the right way to cushion the passenger. It must be able to withstand a degree of impact without breaking, and it must be durable enough not to pit prematurely in climates where sand is used for winter driving grip.

The windscreen should be regarded as a safety feature that is as important as any other. However, more than simply the right parts are necessary to maintain safety integrity. The right tools, methods and training are required to ensure a safe, reliable and secure installation. Only factory installation methods using genuine Volvo windscreens and adhesives can offer this assurance.

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Volvo Genuine Windscreens