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Introducing Polestar, Volvo’s racing partner since 1996. Born on the racing circuits of Sweden and around the world, Polestar understands that races are not won in a single lap. To win races and championships, a car must reach the chequered flag. Every time. And in order to do so, it must be optimally balanced, safe and predictable. This same knowledge is applied to all Polestar’s products for road cars. So whether it’s a Polestar Performance Optimization, or a Polestar-engineered car, they all follow the same engineering philosophy.

S60 and V60 Polestar

Polestar have created true drivers’ cars that are balanced and predictable by staying true to their engineering philosophy. Building on the inherently safe and dependable Volvo platform, Polestar cars are focused around the active driver. By providing a balanced, poised machine, driving enthusiasts will enjoy a vehicle that is equally at home on twisting country roads as it is on a busy highway, where comfort isn’t sacrificed despite the greater control you enjoy. To fully understand, you probably need to take one for a test drive. Enjoy.

Introducing the New Polestar Powertrain

The new Polestar features an enhanced four-cylinder, 2.0 litre twin-charged Drive-E engine producing 367 horsepower and 347 lb-ft of torque.

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Experience the thundering sound of 350 horsepower right here, right now. Compliments of Polestar driver, Robert Dahlgren.

Polestar Performance Optimization

Drive-E is Volvo’s most advanced powertrain ever. As a result, the Polestar engineers focused on five critical performance areas when developing the new generation of Polestar optimizations. They took a holistic approach and developed software upgrades to both the engine and gearbox. Together, they deliver a faster, more precise and intuitive driving experience, which completely changes the driving experience in the car.

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In addition to better performance, Polestar optimizations also enhances the following