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  • Volvo S60 Concept and stars of the BTCC take to the track in video racing game


    Players will be able to "drive" the Volvo S60 Concept, the Volvo C30 that is competing in this year's STCC, the Volvo S60 from the 2007 STCC series, the Volvo S40 that participated in the BTCC in the late 1990's, the Volvo 850 wagon that became a legend in the BTCC from the early 1990's, and the classic Volvo 240 Turbo Group A from the 1980's.

    The "Volvo - The Game" program features a choice of two tracks: Gothenburg Eco Drive Arena in Göteborg, Sweden and Chayaka outside of Kiev, Ukraine. Volvo - The Game is the only virtual racing game in the world to include the Ukrainian track.

    With Volvo - The Game, SimBin and Volvo Cars want to reach out to a broad public.  The game offers a choice of skill levels: "novice" with all the driver assistance technology activated such as ABS brakes and a Dynamic Stability and Traction Control System, "semi-pro" with limited assistance, and finally "pro" where there is no assistance.


    On May 26, Volvo Car Corporation will release a free-of-charge racing game developed in concert with Swedish video game specialists SimBin. Users can virtually pilot the Volvo S60 Concept or five Volvo racing legends many people will remember from the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) and British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) racing series.