Volvo Home Shipment Program

Volvo Home Shipment Program

From Europe to US and Canada – quick and easy

Buy a new car with expat discount while overseas and let us ship it back home to North America.

Volvo offers a host of enviable savings and benefits for expats staying overseas and plan to return or move to North America. When the time comes to leave for the USA or Canada our Volvo Home Shipment Program saves time, money and trouble. 

It’s quick, it’s easy and you won’t have to worry about the trouble and expense involved in shipping your car from Europe. Simply drive to any of our Home Shipment locations throughout Europe and we’ll ship your Volvo to your retailer in North America where you purchased the car (applicable to Overseas Delivery customers), or to your retailer of choice from a selection of appointed Courtesy Delivery retailers (applicable to other customers) in North America. From Göteborg in Sweden, the home of Volvo, the service is free (except for applicable duty and taxes).

Download a PDF document with more information below.
VHSP Brochure (PDF)