European Moving Outside of The European Union

Make your best car deal while assigned outside of the EU

You can have a car with the correct specification waiting for you upon your arrival abroad, or you can take advantage of a tax-exempt purchase by bringing your Volvo home as part of your returning household effects. Your advantages are:

  • Competitive prices
  • Possibility of tax-exempt purchase, subject to local regulations
  • Generous savings on the local MSRP
  • Tailor-made local-specification Volvo
  • International delivery service
  • Factory International Insurance and registration

This program is primarily designed for European citizens who plan to live for an determined time period outside the European Union and who, upon their return home, have the possibility to re-enter with a car as part of their returning household effects, thus possibly avoiding taxation.

Export registration is required in order to drive tax-exempt with a foreign-specification car in another country outside the European Union. To learn more, we advise you to contact the local authorities at the destination of your temporary stay.

The Volvo Expatriate Sales representative at the location of your temporary stay will be happy to guide you further. 

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