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Volvo Innovations

Everything we do is designed around people, so every innovation we make is designed to simplify and improve your life. We’re especially proud of our advances in efficient power, connectivity and safety. We call our thinking in these areas: Drive-E, Sensus and IntelliSafe.

Volvo car on highway

Volvo Cars innovation areas

Designed to give you a purer driving pleasure

What if you could combine power, efficiency and driving enjoyment with sustainable driving? This is the idea behind Drive-E where we take an all-encompassing approach to create better, smarter and more sustainable cars.

Efficient power

Drive-E powertrains

Powerful, compact, efficient

Can you get the same power from a four-cylinder engine as from a six or even an eight-cylinder engine, but use less fuel? With our new technologies you can. Your running costs will be lower and your engine will emit fewer harmful exhaust emissions. And you won’t have to sacrifice a great driving experience.

More power

More power. All the time

Stay in love with driving! With supercharger and turbocharger our top-of-the-range petrol engine gives you more power at both low and high revs. We have also developed the world first intelligent diesel fuel injection technology called i-ART. It is one of the reasons even our small engines are exceptionally powerful. And with our eight-speed gearbox your Volvo will always be in the right gear for optimal performance and a great driving experience.

Volvo's Drive-e powertrain diesel engine with i-Art technology

Volvo Drive-e - More power

Less fuel

Taking it easy on the world

What if you can have a great drive and still save fuel? The ECO+ mode improves your fuel economy by optimising gearshifts, engine control and throttle response. If you want to coast, just disengage engine brakes and drop engine revs to zero, when conditions permit it.
How can you make a small, light engine that is as powerful as a big one? By making it smarter. We have attached intelligent sensors to our new i-ART engines so that fuel usage is automatically adjusted, giving you more power with less fuel consumption.

Volvo's Drive-e powertrain petrol engine with compressor and a turbocharger

Volvo Drive-e - Less Fuel


V60 Plug-in Hybrid

Hybrid. Pure driving pleasure

Our V60 plug-in hybrid lets you run on diesel or electricity. Or both. You can drive 50km each day with zero emissions.

C30 Electric

Totally electrifying.

The first full-electric Volvo comes with a range 150 km for each battery charge. That is much more than most people drive on their average day.

Volvo C30 driving in the city

Volvo Electrification - C30 Electric

Start-stop functionality

Cities just became a little safer

Why keep the engine running waiting for the traffic lights? With Start/Stop functionality you save fuel every time you stop and put the gear in neutral. The car starts automatically when you press the clutch.

Man driving a Volvo

Volvo Electrification - Start-stop functionality


Interior Air

Breathe. It’s just air.

The Interior Air Quality System checks the incoming air for pollutants and closes the air vents if necessary. An active carbon filter will also protect passengers from harmful gases as well as unpleasant odours.


A sustainable future

At Volvo, we don’t do anything without considering our long-term responsibility to the environment – and you. Drive-E sums up our approach to this: from cleaner factories to a cleaner environment inside our cars and energy-efficient engines.

Volvo V60 Hybrid driving on a motorway

Volvo Environment - Sustainability

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Every car can become something new

To help minimise our cars’ total environmental impact, every Volvo is designed to aid the recovery and recycling process at the end of its useful life. Our cars are 85% recyclable.

Two Volvo cars parked outside

Volvo Environment - Recyclability

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Volvo V60 Hybrid charging

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Introducing Sensus

Movie | 01:14

Introducing Sensus

Introducing Sensus

You and your car, connected

Sensus is our philosophy behind all our technologies that connect you with your car – and the world around you. Our elegant solutions are designed to give you information, entertainment and support just when you need them, allowing you to effortlessly and instinctively control and personalise every aspect of your drive.

Sensus Connect

Movie | 01:11

Sensus Connect

Sensus Connect

Volvo on Call app

Movie | 01:02
*Not available in Ireland

Volvo on Call app

Volvo on Call app


Premium Sound

Premium Sound by Harman Kardon

Do you have a love affair with music? Our new Premium Sound audio system is made for you. Together with Harman Kardon, our audio experts created one of the best sounding car audio systems in its class. You'll experience a richer, clearer and more faithful sound wherever you're seated – thanks to innovative Dirac Live® technology. But don't just take our words for it. Our new Premium Sound is better experienced in your Volvo.


Just the music you love

Now you can enjoy Pandora in your Volvo. This in-car app opens up the rich, entertaining world of music that's really you – while you'll explore new music and artists that will make your world even bigger. Just drop the name of a favourite song, and Pandora will find the music you love and create playlists that will move your mind. All easy accessible in your Volvo, for your enjoyment.

Pandora App on Volvo car

Volvo Sensus Entertain - Pandora


100,000 radio stations in your Volvo

Bring online radio inside your Volvo with TuneIn. Music, politics, culture, talk radio – simply create your own favorite radio stations on your smartphone and they'll show up in your car. You have more than 100,000 radio stations to choose from.

TuneIn app on Volvo car

Volvo Sensus Entertain - TuneIn


Your unlimited music library

With our Rdio streaming music service app you can have convenient access to more than 20 million songs inside your Volvo. Create your own playlists on your laptop, tablet or smartphone and have them easily accessible in your car. Enjoy your own soundtracks for your drive and experience music without limitations – whenever you want.

Rdio app on Volvo car

Volvo Sensus Entertain - Rdio


Radio and podcasts on your demand

Now you can customize station playlists of your favorite radio shows and podcasts to fit the mood you're in. You can, for example, have a "News" playlist for your morning commute and a "Talkshow" playlist for your weekend drive. With our Stitcher app, you'll have it all intuitively displayed and get-at-able in the screen of your Volvo.

Stitcher app on Volvo car

Volvo Sensus Entertain - Stitcher


Sensus Navigation

You're in command

With Sensus Navigation, you have all navigation facilities smartly integrated in your Volvo. For your safety, the system is easy to use without taking your attention from traffic. Set destinations with voice control, or at the comfort of your home or office using your smartphone. When needed, the system is easy to upgrade – free map updates ensure you the latest available and up to date navigation experience.

Park & Pay

The easy way to stay

Problems finding a free parking space? In a hurry to find the parking meter and pay? With this app in your Volvo, your Sensus Navigation system will guide you to the closest free parking space. When you've parked, you can pay for your parking inside your car using the app. And as soon as you exit the parking lot, your payment will automatically end.

Screenshot of Park and Pay app on Volvo car

Volvo Navigate - Park & Pay


Your in-car city guide

Looking for the best espresso in town? The tastiest burritos? A bike to rent? Want to know the customers' opinions? This app will unveil the hidden secrets you need to know for your urban adventures: anything from restaurants, cafés and nightlife, to shopping, spas and health services. It's easy-to-use and features maps that show you the way – all within convenient access from your Volvo.

Screenshot of Yelp app on Volvo car

Volvo Navigate - Yelp

Local search

Your in-car local expertise

Looking for a seafood restaurant? Need a hotel for the night? Our handy navigation app Local Search will show you the closest points of interest – such as restaurants, hotels, shops and tourist attractions – and guide you all the way. You can also get additional information about prices, opening hours, phone number, address and so on. And to get in touch, just press a button

Local Search app on Volvo car

Volvo Navigate - Local Search


Share your location en route

Is somebody waiting for you? Stuck in traffic? You're running late? A smart way to cool down the situation is to share your location and time of arrival via SMS or e-mail to the person (or persons) that awaits you. With this smart in-car app, you can make all this happen from the comfort behind the wheel of your Volvo. You keep on driving, and everybody knows where you are.

Screenshot of Glympse app on Volvo car

Volvo Navigate - Glympse

Send to car

Plan your route where you are

Even though it's highly comfortable in itself, your car is not always the most convenient place for travel planning. With your Volvo connected to our cloud-based services you can plan your journey remotely at the comfort of your home or office. Simply use your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and the destinations will already be set in your Sensus Navigation system upon your return to your Volvo. Just say OK and go.

Screenshot of Volvo's Send to car App

Volvo Navigate - Send to Car


Built-in connectivity

Built-in connectivity

Already from early stages of design, we created your Volvo to be a platform for connectivity. Whether it's about connecting USB and AUX devices, wireless in-car connections using technologies like Bluetooth or broadband technologies that give access to internet and cloud-based services and apps – your Volvo is prepared.

WiFi hotspot

Wi-Fi hotspot

Allowing you to enjoy the possibilities of in-car connectivity, our optional 3G-based Volvo On Call solution gives you powerful reception by making use of your car's rooftop antenna. Neither do you need your smartphone onboard to have access to the cloud-based Volvo services. Volvo On Call also means you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot inside your Volvo – anybody that shares your ride can easily connect his or her smartphone, laptop or tablet to the internet.

Woman holding a smartphone inside Volvo car

Volvo Connect - WiFi hotspot

Smartphone tethering

Smartphone tethering

In cars without Volvo On Call, simply using your smartphone connects your car with the cloud-based Volvo services and apps. Inside the car you'll easily create wireless connections between your smartphone and your Volvo's communication and entertainment systems – allowing you to enjoy a perfectly integrated hands-free phone solution and unlimited music streaming via the car's audio system.

Man holding a tablet in front fo Volvo car

Volvo Connect - Smartphone tethering


Volvo On Call App

Your car in your smartphone

With our built-in Volvo On Call road assistance and convenience service, you also have a clever app that connects your Volvo with your smartphone. Whenever you want and wherever you are, you can use your smartphone to check the status of your Volvo. You can lock and unlock the doors – you can even start the engine to warm up or cool down the cabin before travelling.
*Not available in Ireland

Engine Remote Start

Enter in comfort

Imagine meeting a comfortably climatized cabin every time you get inside your Volvo – no matter if it's freezing cold or unbearably hot on the outside. With the Engine Remote Start, you remotely start your car's engine via the Volvo On Call app in your smartphone. This cools down or warms up the cabin just in time to allow you and your passengers a comfortable start of your journey.
*Not available in Ireland

screenshot of volvo on call app in iphone

Volvo Services - Engine Remote Start

Concierge services

Concierge services

How about having a little help with the big and small issues that may occur during your drive? Like, for instance, book a table at the restaurant which name you've forgot? Or make a reservation for a flight the next day? Just pressing the On Call button of your Volvo On Call system, will put you in contact with an operator – at your service 24/7.
*Not available in Ireland

Woman inside Volvo car

Volvo Services - Concierge services

Roadside assistance

Your guardian angel

Life, like travelling, can be unpredictable. We created our 3G-based Roadside Assistance service Volvo On Call to provide you with extra safety and convenience for the road ahead. Your Volvo is connected 24/7 with a communication center that always know your exact position. If you need roadside assistance, just press a button and you'll get in touch with an operator that will send and guide the support you need. With Volvo On Call, swift assistance is at your fingertips.
*Not available in Ireland

Woman sitting inside a Volvo car

Volvo Services - Roadside assistance

Connected service booking

Your way

Next time your car tells you it's time for service, you may skip all the ordinary booking procedures. With our Connected Service Booking, you'll receive some proposals for the next service at the workshop of your choice. Just select the time that suits you, and your Volvo will remind you in good time. And in a near future, this may also allow the workshop to remotely scan your Volvo and even fix it on-line.
*Not available in Ireland

Woman sitting in sofa waiting for her Volvo car

Volvo Services - Connected service booking


User Interface

Instant connection

In your Volvo, all controls are where you expect them to be. The moment you take your position in the driver's seat, you're instantly connected with your Volvo. Enjoy the view of the new, stylish digital driver displays with the three themes. Experience the sense of total control with the smart thumbwheel on the steering wheel. Relax, and savor the drive ahead of you.

Digital Driver Display

Instantly yours

Our crisp, high-resolution Digital driver display not only gives you all information you need – including navigation directions and current road signs – without overwhelming you with data. It also gives you three display themes to choose from: Elegance, Eco and Performance. So depending on the mood you're in, just pick the display theme that fits and a music playlist of your choice. And the road is all yours.

Volvo car steering wheel with integrated control

Volvo Control - Digital Driver Display

Voice Control

The power of words

Want to make a call? Switch radio station? Set destination in your Sensus Navigation system? Speak up, and you'll control most of the connectivity, entertainment and navigation facilities of your Volvo. And you can do it with unchanged attention to your drive and the traffic around you.

Control buttons inside a Volvo car

Volvo Control - Voice Control

Text to Speech

Get the message, always

To open and read received SMS messages while driving is not always a good idea, unless you can have someone to read them to you. With our text-to-speech function, you can receive your SMS any time and hear it read-out at the press of a button. So you can stay connected and drive safely.

Man driving a Volvo car

Volvo Control - Text to Speech

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Man using a tablet inside a Volvo car

Keep me updated - Volvo Innovation Areas

Redefining safety, every day

IntelliSafe is our complete approach to car safety. By using smart technologies it protects you and your passengers, and everyone else. It makes driving a Volvo simpler, more enjoyable and less stressful. We have been leading the way in safety since 1927, and by 2020 our vision is that no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo.


Adaptive Cruise Control

It’s Swedish to keep a distance

Adaptive Cruise Control makes sure your car keeps the distance to the car in front. It makes driving a lot more relaxing, especially in slow moving city traffic.

Park Assist Pilot

A personal parking valet

Our Park Assist Pilot can park your car for you. By the press of a button it scans the parking slot using ultrasonic sensors. You control the speed and direction, while the car steers for you.

Man parking a Volvo car

Volvo Support -

Active High Beam

Enjoy driving through the night

Imagine not having to switch between low and high beam when driving at night. Our Active High Beam automatically senses other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists and shades out only as much of your beam as necessary.

Volvo car driving with high beams on

Volvo Support - Active high beam

Cross Traffic Alert

Eyes in the back when reversing

Now you can back out safely from a parking spot with the Cross Traffic Alert, even if your view is limited. The system uses rear radar sensors to alert you of crossing traffic from the sides when reversing.

Volvo car driving in the city traffic

Volvo Support - Cross traffic alert

Blind spot information

Goodbye blind spot

It’s never pleasant to discover another car in the blind spot as you are about to change lanes. The Blind Spot Information System gives you total awareness by using radar sensors to alert you of cars via a warning light in the front door post.

Woman inside a Volvo car

Volvo Support - Blind spot information


City Safety

Safer driving

City Safety lends a helping hand when the car in front of you comes to a sudden halt and there is no time to react. It prepares the brakes for a quicker response, and if there’s no time, it will automatically brake for you to lessen the impact or even avoid it.

Pedestrian detection

Protecting pedestrians

What if we can extend Volvo safety even to those outside the car? Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake is a system that detects pedestrians and helps you avoid accidents. It can even brake for you, should the situation require it.

Person driving a volvo car waiting for pedestrians to cross the road

Volvo Prevent - Pedestrian detection

Cyclist detection

Protecting cyclists

If a cyclist swerves out in front of your car cyclist detection with full auto brake will warn you with a light on the windscreen. If an accident is imminent it can also brake.

Person driving a volvo car on road with cyclists

Volvo Prevent - Cyclist detection

Forward Collision Warning

One step ahead

Forward Collision Warning is an accident prevention system. It scans all objects within 150 meters in front of your car and if an accident is imminent it warns you and pre-charges the brakes. It can even brake for you should the situation require it.

Volvo car stopped at a crossing's traffic lights

Volvo Prevent - Forward Collision Warning

Lane Keeping Aid

Stay on track

Lane Keeping Aid uses a camera to register the car’s position on the road. If you get close to a lane marking the system will gently apply some steering wheel torque. If you should unintentionally cross the marking haptic vibrations will alert you.

Volvo car driving and scanning the road

Volvo Prevent - Lane Keeping Aid


World Leading Safety

Small overlap accidents

If a car hits a tree or a pole the consequences can be serious. To protect the driver and passenger we use a robust design with a blend of different steel qualities. Since small overlap tests were introduced the S60, XC60, XC90 and S80 have received top ranking.

Roll over protection

Keeping you in place when the car rolls

If your car overturns our Roll Over Protection System pre-tensions the seat belts to keep all passengers more securely in place. At the same time the Inflatable Curtain is activated to shield you against impact.

White volvo car driving in the city

Volvo Protect - Roll over protection

Pedestrian airbag

Protecting the unprotected

What if we can extend safety technology to pedestrians? The Pedestrian Airbag is a world first Volvo technology. When a pedestrian is hit by the car airbags that cover part of the windshield and are released to lessen the impact.

Volvo car's pedestrain airbag been activated

Volvo Protect - Pedestrian airbag

Seat belts

Saving lives since 1959

Did you know that the three-point seat belt is a Volvo invention? Today we also have pre-tensioners that activate within a few thousands of a second in the event of a collision and tightening the belt for even better protection.

Volvo car's seatbealt

Volvo Protect - Seat belts

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