Diplomat, Expatriate & Military Sales

If you are going to be temporarily residing abroad - for example travelling, or in a professional, diplomatic or military position overseas - you may be entitled to buy your new Volvo on very special tax-free terms. This concession could also apply to a foreign national residing temporarily in Ireland.

Our aim is to make the selection, purchase and delivery of tax-free Volvo cars as easy, convenient and cost effective as possible.
We are happy to discuss your eligibility for tax-free or export sales and give you full details of the services on offer from the International Customer Sales division. You are welcome to contact us directly or visit one of our partner dealers based in Dublin.

Please read below for our supporting information.




• Irish diplomats embarking on an overseas posting or currently serving overseas
• Visiting foreign diplomats and foreign military personnel based in Ireland
• Embassies and International Organisations - official vehicles
• Members of Irish Defence forces and NATO staff about to be, or already posted, overseas
• Qualifying members of the Irish Law Enforcement Agency (GARDA)
• Private individuals wishing to export a new Volvo from the Ireland
• Expatriate citizens returning to their home country having spent a period of time living in Ireland


By purchasing (and exporting where appropriate) a new Volvo through the International Customer Sales division you save: -

• Irish VAT at the point of purchase
• Tax and duty concessions in the country of destination following export*
• Additional savings on the basic VAT free price subject to eligibility.

(* Subject to status and destination country) 


That's where we come in. You simply order your car and we take care of everything else - arranging delivery throughout the world including the shipping and the marine insurance, and assisting with importation and customs clearance in your destination country. A professional Volvo export consultant oversees the paperwork with you ensuring a hassle-free purchase and delivery process.



Choose from Volvo's outstanding model range, with the opportunity to personalise your car. Tax-free savings mean substantially reduced prices. Your car will be built to meet all legal requirements for your country of ultimate use. The options of VIP factory collection or delivery to selected major cities in Europe. Volvo Assistance Europe Scheme at no extra cost.

If you are moving to the USA

Volvo Home Shipment to North America includes marine insurance, customs clearance and import duty all at no extra cost. Collection is from the US Volvo dealer of your choice again at no extra cost. All US specification cars benefit from full US warranties and the roadside assistance programme. There are more than 20 drop off points in Europe for onward shipping to the USA as part of the Home Shipment Programme and professional assistance with all the legal formalities and paperwork is provided by your personal sales consultant.


The factory warranty on cars sold via International Customer Sales is valid for 12 months with unlimited mileage anywhere in the world. In addition, UK, European and US specification Volvos benefit from the additional local warranty extensions whilst the vehicle resides in Europe and the respective destination country (UK & European - two years additional, US - three years additional).

Naturally we make sure that each individual car is built to meet the requirements of the country where the car will ultimately be used.


Does European Roadside assistance still apply?

Most certainly. When what shouldn't happen does, customers taking delivery of Volvos sold through the International Customer Sales division in Europe get the benefit of the Volvo Assistance Europe Scheme at no extra cost, for a period of three years from the date of delivery.
The Volvo Assistance Europe Scheme is at your service 24 hours a day. In addition to roadside assistance and recovery, a number of valuable services and benefits are also provided. Subject to conditions these include:

• Towing
• Accommodation or rental vehicle or return to place of residence or continuation of journey.
• Recovery of the repaired vehicle.

Your sales consultant will be able to provide full details.


Our special VIP factory delivery service in Gothenburg, Sweden, is an experience in itself. But if you don't have the time to pay us a visit in Gothenburg, don't worry. We have a number of delivery facilities at key locations throughout Europe including:

Amsterdam; Berlin; Brussels; Copenhagen; Geneva; Helsinki; London; Madrid; Munich; Paris; Stockholm; and Vienna.

It is also possible to have your new Volvo delivered to one of four Volvo dealers based in Dublin.

You decide where, when and how - and your new Volvo will be waiting for you.

Are you planning to move to North America?

We make sure your new Volvo is shipped directly from the factory to the USA - with marine insurance, customs clearance and import duty included in the bargain. We also make sure you can pick up your Volvo at your nearest Volvo dealer in the US.

And the programme includes even more. If you would like to drive your Volvo in Europe before leaving for North America, simply tell us where you would like to have your Volvo sent in the US. Then leave the car at any one of more than twenty strategically located European drop-off points and Volvo will arrange forward shipment on to the USA and direct to your local Volvo dealer.


Rest of the World

It is possible to have your new Volvo shipped directly from the factory to virtually any port around the world. Shipping is covered by full marine insurance and individual containerisation is available for many destinations. For more details please contact one of our sales consultants.

Please note: Import regulations vary from country to country. We will be happy to offer advice on these different regulations, but we strongly recommend that you contact the relevant authorities in your destination country of export for full details.