Volvo Service +

Your Volvo Authorised Repairer is the only workshop guaranteed to offer you a unique combination of Volvo Genuine Parts, Volvo-unique methods and the expertise of specially trained Volvo technicians. We call this combination Service Plus. With Service Plus, you'll not only know that your Volvo will be kept in the best possible shape and problem-free for many years to come. You'll know that your workshop will use ONLY Genuine Parts, guaranteed to keep your Volvo a Volvo and maintain its original safety and quality. And you'll know that the job will be done fast, professionally and efficiently by someone who knows your car better than anyone else.


Special Expertise

Because our technicians are continuously assessed and trained in accordance with Volvo Cars' high standards of competence – and in conjunction with model updates – only they have the expertise needed to give your Volvo the best possible care.

We 'live and breathe' Volvo. We know the cars like our own pocket. And this knowledge will benefit you no matter the kind of job at hand – be it basic regular maintenance or complicated fault-tracing.


Tailor-made Methods

Using tailor-made repair methods and the right workshop tools are essential to maintaining the highest levels of quality. Volvo has always developed good working methods in close conjunction with the each car's engineering and design team, ensuring that we have among the best-developed methods and diagnosis systems in the automotive industry today.

More than 4,000 tailor-made methods are used for every car model. All are instantly available from perhaps the most sophisticated service information system in the automotive world – the VIDA system, which helps the technician to work in the most rational way and in accordance with the highest safety and quality standards.


Volvo Genuine Parts

One of the cornerstones of Volvo's safety thinking is regarding the car as a system, where every part interacts with the other parts in a specific model to create a complete unit that works optimally.

When replacing a part, there's only one way to be absolutely sure of preserving the original safety and quality. And that's choosing parts produced to comply with Volvo's safety, quality and environmental care requirements: Volvo Genuine Parts. Produced according to Volvo's detailed specification and subjected to the same quality assurance routines as the parts originally assembled in the car, they're the only spare parts guaranteed to carry the same uncompromising promise as the car itself.