• Clodagh McKenna


    Blodagh McKenna is a chef, food writer and television presenter. Within the last two years, Clodagh has opened two food outlets in Arnotts department store in Dublin: Homemade by Clodagh Food Court and Clodagh’s Kitchen. 2011 saw her bestselling cookbook, Homemade, launched in the USA. Most recently, she can be seen throughout the USA on PBS where her series, Clodagh’s Irish Food Trails, is currently airing.


    What was your very first car?
    A Renault Clio.


    What do you like about the Volvo XC60?
    So many things! Outside of being a gorgeous car, this is the most comfortable car I’ve ever driven. The spec is high – at the moment, I’m driving the Ocean Race edition, which is luxury full stop and includes full leather, parking assist, Bluetooth connection and pretty much everything else you can think of. I also love this car because it’s safe. For example, it has “City Safety” laser-based technology, whereby a laser monitors the area in front of your car and if you get too close to the object in front, it will automatically brake, which is incredible. The other important feature to me is the fact that the car is extremely economical to run; it can achieve up to 1,166km on one tank of petrol. I do a lot of travelling, so this feature certainly helps a lot.


    Any funky features?
    I love the heated seats and cruise control.


    Is there anything you don’t like about the Volvo XC60?
    Honestly, I love this car; there’s really not a single thing I dislike.


    Describe your style:
    I like a classic style that doesn’t date.


    Does this car fit with your style?
    Yes, it’s both practical and classic. I love stylish things but absolutely hate sacrificing comfort for style – the XC60 marries both style and comfort extremely well.


    Who would you recommend this car to?
    I think the XC60 will appeal to families and working professionals alike. I love the reliability and style – it’s a sexy car, but a practical one too. Families will also love the space and safety features. I know from speaking to friends of mine with kids – they hated to have to drive a “mummy” car and sacrifice their desire to drive something more stylish. There’s no sacrificing style when driving the XC60!


    What do you never leave home without?
    Besides my Volvo, my iPhone that links into my car so I can listen to all my music while driving.


    Who would be your dream passenger?
    My sister-in-law Erin. She’s fabulous to travel with and is such great company.


    Your ideal road trip for the XC60?
    Oh it would have to be along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. It’s a drive of a lifetime. It’s considered Italy’s most scenic stretch of coastline: a landscape of towering cliffs, villages terraced into hillsides and expansive vistas over turquoise waters.


    What CD are you listening to in your car?
    Even though the XC60 has a CD player, I mainly listen to my iPod, which links into the car when I’m driving. My playlist at the moment includes Jessie J, JayZ, and U2.


    Describe the XC60 in three words:
    Comfortable. Reliable. Stylish.

    I love the reliability and style – it’s a sexy car, but a practical one too