Frequently Asked Questions


I would like to upgrade the performance of my Volvo by using performance chips, what does Volvo recommend?

You will find details of the full range of accessories available for your Volvo at your local Volvo dealer. The range of approved performance accessories focuses on improved road holding and styling. Chip tuning can have negative impacts on:
- Engine life expectancy
- Gearbox and drive train life expectancy
- Fuel consumption
- Exhaust emissions
In short, chip tuning in itself is simple and often inexpensive but the consequences could be potentially disastrous. Volvo does not recommend or encourage chip tuning and any such tuning is likely to invalidate any applicable warranties.
(December 2006)

How old or of what height/weight should a child be to sit in the front passenger seat?

Children should not be placed in the front passenger seat of the car. When a child has outgrown the child safety seat, be it rear facing or front facing, they should use the rear seat with the standard seat belt fastened properly. A specially designed booster cushion for children between 50-80 lbs, or 22-36 kg , and 46-54 inches, or 115-135 cm is available from your local Volvo dealer. It is most important to note that the childs head must not appear above the top of the seat.
(December 2006)

Does Volvo recommend pedal extenders or advise/advice using them to increase the distance from the airbag?

Volvo does not offer and does not recommend pedal extenders.
(December 2006)

Why do headlights come as a kit and not as separate parts?

Of course there are more explanations than one, but the main reason is safety. By having separate lenses you would run the risk of dust and moisture penetrating the unit and thus causing the reflectors to corrode which in turn deteriorates the intensity of your headlights quite rapidly.
(December 2006)

I am a mechanical engineer and I was wondering at what speed does an airbag deploy?

The exact speed at which an airbag will be deployed in a collision cannot be defined. This depends on a combination of factors, such as: *The speed of the car when the collision occurs. *The part of the car which is deformed. *The rigidity of the surface with which the car has collided. The amount of damage caused to the car is not an indicator as to whether or not the airbag should have deployed and the collision does not necessarily have to be frontal to cause deployment. The determining factor is how quickly the car is stopped by the collision, regardless of how the impact takes place.
(December 2006)

I have 5 children and a V70 and want to know if it is possible to have extra seating in the luggage area, which is not a safety risk. I heard this was a possibility?

We very much understand your concern as to the safety of your children when sitting in the extra rear facing seat located in the luggage compartment of your Volvo. Please be assured, however, that this issue has been given much consideration. The majority of serious collisions are head on and in this respect the rear of the car is the safest place to be. In most other collisions the rear facing extra seat is as safe a place to be as any other seat in the car. Collisions from behind only account for around 7% of the total and occur at generally lower speeds in built up areas with less serious results.The three point safety belts provided with the extra seat gives greater protection to the occupants than if they were to travel unrestrained. The risk is therefore not great that a child sitting in the extra seat would suffer any injury in this case. Please note that the extra seat is designed to be used when the remaining seats in the car are occupied.
(December 2006)

What does the geartronic transmission do?

The geartronic transmission is an automatic transmission that enables the driver to change gears up or down much like manual transmission.
(December 2006)

What is the home lighting security system?

The home lighting security system is a feature that illuminates the car´s path for up to 90 seconds after locking the car. It can also be activated by pushing a remote button on the key fob.
(December 2006)

Is it possible to soften the suspension set-up on my S80?

A softer shock absorber is available on some markets. Please contact your Volvo dealer for futher information.
(December 2006)

What was the first model Volvo produced?

The Volvo ÖV4 was the first prototype to leave the factory in 1927. It later came to be known as the Jakob.
(December 2006)

What is the highest record mileage of any Volvo?

According to the information we have, it is a red 1966 Volvo P1800S - with over 2,000,000 miles. The car is owned by Irv Gordon of New York, NY USA
(December 2006)

How do I get the radio and/or key code for my Volvo?

For security reasons, this information is not given by phone. Contact your local Volvo dealer, who will require proof of ownership.
(December 2006)

Where did the word "Volvo" come from, what does it mean and what does the symbol stand for?

"Volvo" is Latin for "I roll". The first product identified with "Volvo" was a ball bearing manufacturer. This manufacturer, SKF, had given Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larsson permission to use the word "Volvo" for their new car in 1927. That ultimately evolved into Volvo the car company.

The symbol showing in the grille and on the rims of Volvo cars is actually an old sign for iron and the handling of iron, usually put above mines, not least in Sweden where iron ore mining has been an important industry for centuries. Originally then standing for strength and endurance, for Volvo Car Corporation it shows our core values of safety, longevity, and quality. These are values which for a long time have been highly valued within the company as we feel it is important for our customers to feel safe and secure with their Volvo car. That our cars also offer joyful driving is definitely a value added.

Please see more at: http://www.volvocars.se/footer/about/NewsEvents/News/news.htm?item=%7B83F0EF27-DE8B-4842-B106-F37388770152%7D
(December 2006)

What year did Volvo start importing cars into the United States?

While Volvos were first imported by independent importers in 1955, the first Volvo owned company was established in North America during 1956.
(December 2006)

Can I import my non-canadian specification Volvo car to Canada?

The registrar of imported vehicles in Canada decides on the eligibility of any vehicle for registration in Canada. Some exceptions apply for TEMPORARY REGISTRY only, for example diplomats, students, work visas etc. The fact that a vehicle is manufactured to NON-NORTH AMERICAN specifications means it is not eligible for permanant registry in Canada. Modifications are not a viable option and Volvo does not hold information on this. A Recall Clearance Letter is used ONLY for American specification vehicles that have been bought by Canadians wishing to register them in Canada. This does not apply to other foreign vehicles. Volvo Cars of Canada Ltd can be contacted on +1 800 663 82 55
(December 2006)

I would like names and addresses of Volvo Clubs for older Volvo models in Sweden.

Svenska Volvo PV Klubben
Hägervägen 78
122 93 Enskede
Tel: +46 8 6001977 or +46 8 991880
Web: http://www.pv-klubben.org

Svenska Volvo 140-klubben
C/O Robert Scherman
Björnssongatan 138
16844 Bromma
Tel: +46 8 376140
Fax: +46 8 374060

Volvo 164 Club of Sweden
Sätuna 7310
76191 Norrtälje
Tel: +46 175 60461
Fax: +46 8 792 3722
Web: http://www.164club.org

Club 262C+780
C/O Johan Rudbäck
Londongatan 32
41877 Göteborg
Tel: +46 31 945232

Volvo Express Owners Club
C/O Bengt-Åke Karlsson
Vegagatan 12
17234 Sundbyberg

Svenska Volvo Amazonklubben
C/O Jonas Kjellberg
Handskmakaregatan 6
41506 Göteborg
Tel: +46 31 945232

Svenska Volvo P1800-klubben
72592 Västerås
Tel: +46 21 55604
Web: http://www.volvop1800club.se

Svenska Volvo 200 Klubben
Rotevägen 2
746 96 Skokloster
Tel: +46 730222188
Web: http://www.svenska200klubben.se

HRE - ClassicVolvo.com
Hans Rekestad
P.O.Box 7
S-153 21 Jarna
Mobile: +46 70 665 1144
Tel: +46 8 551 73810
Email: rekestad@classicvolvo.com

(December 2006)

How can I check the correct functioning of the NIVOMAT suspension system?

In order to check the correct functioning of the NIVOMAT suspension system, please consult the publication TP 6501031 Page 62, chapter 6. Even if the customer has Multi Link Mk2 fitted, the method for checking is the same. The problem may be that the customer is concerned with the car sinking when it is stored overnight. we do not have exact figures or measurements for the release of pressure in the system. The NIVOMAT system lets out pressure once the car has been standing still for several hours. The measurements involved depend on the condition of the springs and their usage. There are a number of different spring systems used, given a specific spring, it is possible to find a relation between spring length, load and ride height. However, it is not so easy to apply this formula to a complete car, the car can have been driven a number of miles, perhaps with a heavy load, the springs can have become worn. In principle, if the car is parked overnight, without a load and a half tank of petrol, the ride height should not be of such a great difference that the customer would notice. The springs should, in any case be inspected by the dealer for the correct tension and condition.
(December 2006)

I have a T4, which octane rating must I use?

The S/V40 T4 engine is a high performance engine and it therefore requires 98 octane unleaded in order to perform as per the manufacturers specifications and performance figures. Using 95 octane unleaded will not cause any undue wear or have any negative effect on the engine. However, optimal performance will not be achieved and fuel consumption may be increased.
(December 2006)

Why do I only have a temporary spare tyre/tire and not a "proper" one?

SPARE TYRES/TIRES (SPACE SAVER) Experience shows that the spare tyre/tire is seldom used nowadays. It may lie unused for 4 or 5 years before it is brought out and used as a road tyre/tire for another 4 or 5 years. It is not advisable to use such an old tyre/tire as rubber ages. For this reason, Volvo has developed a new type of spare tyre/tire which is only intended to be used for the short period during which the standard tyre/tire is being repaired or replaced. This tyre/tire meets all existing legal requirements and is strong enough to cope with the maximum permitted axle load.
(December 2006)

What is the load limit for the cargo net and back seats?

We test the loadnet according to DIN 75410-2 which is similar to the proposed legal requirement ECE R17. This test includes both rear and front seat backrests. In addition the Volvo seats have been occupied with 3 adult dummies in the rear and 2 in the front seats. This test setup makes the test more severe than the coming ECE R17. Volvo also test with different load configurations in the luggage copartment with cargo according to SAE standards and fully occupied seats. (This test is not required by any authority). In the above tests no entrance of luggage into the occupant compartment is accepted. Seats, seat backrests and cargo net must stand forces without any separations. This if maxloading for the car is not exceeded. Our recommendation is however to secure, when possible, the luggage with straps as an extra precaution.
(December 2006)

Is it safe that my tailgate seems to be made of plastic?

The safety in our vehicles is inherent in the crumple zones and the fact that the cars can absorb impact. It is incorrect to think that a strong steel bumper can provide the best protection although this may be the normal way to think. The tailgate has been tested the same way and has met at least the same requirements as the previous one. A strong inner part of the tail gate gives strength and integrety to what may appear to some as a weak first impression from the outside.
(December 2006)

Which snow chains should I use on a V70XC?

Which snow chains you should use depends on the tires on your Volvo car. Snow chains cannot be used with 205-65-R15 due to possible damage to brake, suspension and body parts. Special Volvo AWD snow chains can be used with 195-65-R15 or 205-55-16R on this car. 205-65-R15 tyres/tires are recommended as it will then only be necessary to purchase new tyres/tires and not complete new wheels.
(December 2006)

Do you have any advice on changing the tyres/tires on a Volvo S/V70AWD car, before 2002 year model?

It is very important to use the same dimension of tyres/tires on all four wheels, and they should also be of the same brand. This is to protect the transmission from any damage. When replacing a tyre/ tire, it is very important that the tyres/tires on all four wheels are equally worn. The maximum difference between the most and least worn tyre/tire is 2mm, regardless of whether this is a front or rear tyre/tire.
(December 2006)

When will an airbag deploy?

These are some of the basic characteristics of an airbag and why it is not activated every time the car is involved in an incident. The exact speed at which an airbag will be deployed in a collision cannot be defined. This depends on a combination of factors, such as: The speed of the car when the collision occurs The part of the car which is deformed The rigidity of the surface with which the car has collided. The amount of damage caused to the car is not an indicator as to whether or not the airbag should have deployed and the collision does not necessarily have to be frontal to cause deployment. The determining factor is how quickly the car is stopped by the collision, regardless of how the impact takes place.
(December 2006)

Does Volvo have any information on the safety of the extra rear facing seat in the luggage compartment of the Volvo V70?

This issue has been given much consideration. The majority of serious collisions are head-on and in this respect the rear of the car is the safest place to be. In most other collisions, the rear facing extra seat is as safe a place to be as any other seat in the car. Collisions from behind only account for around 7% of the total and generally occur at lower speeds in built up areas with less serious results. The risk is therefore not great that a child sitting in the extra seat would suffer any injury in this case. Please note that the extra seat is designed to be used when the remaining seats in the car are occupied. The three point safety belts provided with the extra seat gives greater protection to the occupants than if they were to travel unrestrained.
(December 2006)

I am looking for parts. Can I purchase these from the factory?

Volvo Car Corporation in Sweden does not retail parts or accessories directly to the public but is instead represented on each of its markets by a market representative and dealership network. All available parts are available to be ordered from a Volvo dealer through the international parts catalogue. We suggest, therefore, that you contact your nearest Volvo dealer in order to purchase the parts which you require.
(December 2006)

I have an older Volvo car and am having trouble sourcing parts. Can Volvo help me?

All current parts are available through our dealership network. Those parts which are not available, may be available through Genuine Classic Parts AB:

Genuine Classic Parts AB
55592 Jönköping
Tel: +46 36 393350
Fax: +46 36 393360
(December 2006)

I have a classic Volvo and would like to know when my car was built and find out some information about it from Volvos archives.

Please contact your local market representative who will be glad to contact Volvo Car Corporations central archives on your behalf.
(December 2006)

I have a non-US specification Volvo and wish to export it to the USA. What does Volvo recommend?

Volvo Car Corporation does not recommend the shipment of non-US specification vehicles to the USA. The specifications of those vehicles built according to US specifications differ greatly from those vehicles built to other specifications, notably those of Europe and the Middle East.

Volvo Car Corporation is unable to give a full list of the necessary specification changes needed but does, however, offer the following list as a rough guide:
Turn signals,
Rear lamps,
Reflex reflectors,
Side markers,
Remove side turn signals,
Add key buzzer,
Change bumpers,
Add air bags,
Add knee bolsters,
Change seat belt warning,
Change combi instrument including, speedometer,
Possible engine changes,
Change of seat belts in the front,
Add new VIN plate and other labels.

It will also be necessary to consider the availability of parts specific to non US models and the lack of dealer knowledge pertaining to models, engines and gearboxes which are not normally imported to the USA. It is ultimately your own decision to export your Volvo and it will be necessary to consult the relevant authorities in this respect. Volvo Car Corporation is unable to be of further assistance in listing or making further necessary modifications. The changes needed will be very expensive and it is ultimately more economical to sell the vehicle in Europe/ the Middle East and to buy a replacement vehicle upon arrival in the USA. Please check the following websites:

(December 2006)

I am interested in purchasing a UK specification Volvo abroad, can you help me?

It is now possible under European legislation to purchase a UK specification car in continental Europe often at very competitive prices. The car should be ordered through an authorised/authorized Volvo dealer in the relevant country. When purchased for export, the vehicle will be sold tax-free. UK VAT will then be payable upon arrival in the UK. The reason for the price differential resides in the composition of the basic vehicle price and the addition of VAT. As VAT is often higher in continental Europe than in the UK, purchase of a car tax-free results in greater savings. Right Hand Drive cars sold in Europe come with a two year international warranty and not the 3 year extendible package as offered by Volvo Car UK Ltd. You can, however, purchase a 3 year import warranty through a UK Volvo dealership. Details also from Volvo Car UK Ltd +44 8457 56 46 36. Cars sold in continental Europe often come with lower standard specification levels than those found in the UK. Customers will be responsible for collection, shipment and customs clearance.
(December 2006)

Where can I buy parts for a vintage Volvo such as PV544, Amazon, etc?

Industrivägen 7

Tel. +46 33 269132
Fax. +46 33 269132

(December 2006)

I would like information on prices and specifications of Volvo Cars.

For all information regarding prices and availability of both new and used vehicles, parts and accessories; it will be necessary to contact your local Volvo dealer. All prices are set by the individual market importer and this information is NOT available through Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden. Volvo Car Corporation does not sell vehicles, parts or accessories DIRECTLY to customers from the factory in Sweden or elsewhere. Therefore, purchases must be made through an authorised/authorized Volvo dealer or through specific sales channels such as the Volvo Car International Customer Sales(VCIC) programme/program. Please see the website to see whether you qualify for the VCIC program.
(December 2006)

I would like to contact Volvo Car International Customer Sales (VCIC, formerly Tourist and Diplomat Sales)

Please go to: http://vcic.volvocars.com/
(December 2006)

I would like information on Volvo Car Corporations share prices and investor information.

As Volvo Car Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, it is not noted separately on the stock exchange.
For Ford Motor Company investor relations, please go to
For information on AB Volvo, please go to
(December 2006)

Why is it not possible to buy Volvos with manual transmission in USA?

There are some manual transmissions offered. However, it is unfortunately necessary to limit the number of variants offered to USA and our long-distance overseas markets. One of the reasons is space at the dealerships - it is simply not possible to stock all variants in the off-chance that there may be customers. Decisions must therefore be made to stock primarily the most popular variants and to concentrate on ensuring that these meet the stringent US emission requirements. Since there is very little call for manual variants in the USA, not all engine and transmission combinations have been considered for the rigorous certification and type approval tests. However, the feedback provided to our company by customers such as you is always welcome and will assist our marketing people in making decisions for the future. Reviews are constantly being made and it is expected that future Volvo models in the USA will be offered with manual transmissions.
(December 2006)

I am not a very tall person and I am having problems with the seatbelt rubbing across my neck.

All seatbelts are produced with the aim of suiting 95 percent of the global population - between 151 and 155 cms you are likely to feel some discomfort and below 151 cm the belt will not fit correctly.
(December 2006)

I am concerned by media reports on electromagnetic fields: What is Volvo s response?

A Volvo customer should always feel secure knowing that the car he or she owns and uses is safe and reliable. Recent articles in the media on electromagnetic fields in Volvo cars have unfortunately been a cause for worry among many Volvo owners. We have the utmost understanding and respect for these reactions and we know that arguments based on facts do not always take these worries away. Still, we would like to briefly explain the position of Volvo Car Corporation in this matter. Our entire modern society is filled with electromagnetic fields. This is something we simply cannot avoid. Numerous studies have been carried out in order to find out the possible health effects. Such effects have not been proved. Electromagnetic fields in cars are of extremely low frequency and the levels in Volvo cars are 10 to 100 times lower than the recommended maximum limits! It is on the basis of these, and other, scientific facts that we have designed our cars. We are convinced, after having confirmed this with top scientists within this area, that you and your family can safely continue to use your Volvo car. We are now in a situation where the worries of our customers have to be taken very seriously. Therefore we have decided to offer a technical solution, for those who wish, that lowers the levels even further. Please contact your local authorized Volvo dealership for further information.
(December 2006)

I would like to examine and possibly repair my Volvo radio. It is called CR905.

Unfortunately, neither service manuals nor electronic diagrams are available. For this purpose we have specific servicing points throughout the world and your authorised/authorized Volvo dealer knows how to send in the radio for repair.
(December 2006)

In which countries are your models built?

Gent, Belgium

Gent, Belgium

Göteborg, Sweden

Göteborg and Gent

Göteborg, Sweden

Göteborg, Sweden

Uddevalla, Sweden.

Gent, Belgium

(December 2006)

I need to ship my 1998 V40 from Argentina to USA. I would appreciate to learn if the car meets EPA and Department of Transportation needs and standards.

There are many differences between the specifications of US market and Latin American cars. The main ones are: Engines have different emission systems and On Board Diagnostics systems, US cars have a different instrument panel, air bag modules, knee bolsters, US cars have MPH speedometer, US cars have different lighting equipment, US cars have different outside rearview mirrors. A US specification car will meet with the Argentine requirements but a Latin American car will not meet with the US requirements and it is not possible to rebuild a Latin American car to US specs.
(December 2006)

Can I have a full sized tyre/tire instead of the special spare in my Volvo car?

Unfortunately not. The spare wheel well does not leave room for a full sized spare because of rear wheel suspension and fuel tank.
(December 2006)

I have an S80 with leather interior and wish to know what the main tanning substance of the leather is.

The main tanning substance is Mimosa and the hide is softened with animalic oil.
(December 2006)

What does laminated windscreen mean?

Two separate pieces of special glass are glued/pressed together. The laminate between the two screens consists of metal oxide which dampens the heat and light and the windscreen will not splinter during a collision.
(December 2006)

Where can I purchase a grille fixture commemorating high mileage?

Please visit the Owners Circle section of our website (http://www.volvocars.us), register for the Owners Circle and click on Lifestyles and then Clubs for information on registering for the High Mileage Club.
(December 2006)

I am a VCIC customer and wish to advise Volvo of a change to my address details. Whom should I contact?

If you are changing address within the same country, please press the "proceed" button below. You will then be able to contact your local Volvo Market Representative through a web-form. The market representative will update your details in their database. If you are moving between countries, please contact: vcicinfo@volvocars.com
(December 2006)

I live in UK and would like to disconnect the passenger airbag in my Volvo V70. Is this possible?

No. Volvo Car UK Ltd. do not sanction the disconnection of airbags.
(December 2006)

How large should a child be before being able to sit in the fixed seat belt in the rear seat and not need a booster cushion or child seat?

Volvo Car Corporation recommends that children should use the child seats until they weigh 36 kg and reach a length of 140 cm.
(December 2006)

I would like information on the Volvo Museum and/ or if I can visit the Volvo factory.

For museum, please visit the following website:

Email: museum@volvo.com
Phone: +46 31 66 48 14

Our factory visitor centres can be contacted via the VCC homepage:
http://www.volvocars.com/corporation/VisitorCentre/TheBlueTrain/ContactInformation.htm Tel: +46 31 3251093
Fax: +46 31 597915
Email: vcbec@volvocars.com

Gent (Belgium):
Name: Brigitte Uylenbroeck
Tel: +32 9 2502618 / +32 9 2511714
Public Relations
Volvo Cars Europe
Industry J.
Kennedylaan 25 9000

(April 2007)

What is the maximum age for children in the rear-facing extra seat for the V70 model?

There is no age limit, but for EU, Australia and Japan, the maximum weight per child is 36 kg (79.2 lbs), and the maximum length is 140 cm. For the US/CAL, the corresponding figures are 40kg (88 lbs) per child and 140cm.
(December 2006)

Can you explain the difference between active and passive safety and when the various safety systems are deployed?

Basically we categorise our safety systems in two ways, Passive Safety and Active Safety. The active safety relates to the systems within the car that helps to prevent an accident situation, such as ABS, traction control and EBD (electronic brake distribution). Following from these, there is of course the SRS (supplementary restraint system) which deal with trying to minimise the injuries sustained, should an accident actually happen. The way this system operates is depending on the calculations made by the systems computer control unit (crash sensors) and reacts primarily to direct frontal or side impacts. The system then calculates many things such as vehicle speed, gear position, whether the brake pedal is applied or not, seatbelts fastened or not, throttle position etc etc and then the system determines whether the deployment of either the seat belt pre-tensioners, driver and passenger airbags or inflatable curtains are necessary or beneficial. The system has the ability to activate these components in many different combinations, depending on the severity of the situation.
(December 2006)

Does Volvo provide driving courses?

Yes. You can contact the Volvo Cars Driving Academy:
Phone: +46 31 59 40 20
E-mail: tander34@volvocars.com
(December 2006)

I have 4 small children. Where do I seat the 4th child?

Children should not be seated in the front passenger seat if the car is equipped with a passenger airbag. This airbag can, however, be disconnected if necessary. Regulations do vary from market to market. We therefore recommend that you consult your local Volvo dealer or market representative for advice. An auxiliary seat for children is available for use in the luggage compartment of estate models. This seat is designed to hold 2 children each weighing 36-40 kg, and up to 140 cm in height.
(December 2006)

Are there any Volvo clubs in the Netherlands?

Yes, the Dutch Volvo 700 Club, with email address: webmaster@volvo700vereniging.nl and website: http://www.volvo700vereniging.nl
(December 2006)

I would like to visit Volvos laboratories. Is that possible?

Volvo Car Corporations visitor activities are centred around the Visitors Centre where the guests are offered guided factory tours including a visit to Volvo Cars Safety Centre as well as corporate and product presentations. The Visitors Centre also arranges guided tours of the Volvo Museum. Research & Development and the laboratories have a high level of security. Unfortunately, we cannot allow visitors in these areas due to secrecy and to prevent future product launches being jeopardized. In specific cases we arrange visits aimed for special groups in line with our co-operation with the Universities, e.g. Chalmers and KTH, or occupational groups (engineers) from other companies. Such visits are however, not arranged on a regular basis.
(April 2007)

I would like to move my 1989 Volvo 740 to Hungary, but the authorities there need to know how many decibels the engine produces.

Pass-by road noise at acceleration from 50 km/h is 75.5 dB and noise when stationary, not in gear, at 4050 rpm, is 83 dB.
(December 2006)

I have ordered a Volvo and I would like to pay for it with a different currency, since the exchange rate is better for that particular currency.

When a car has been ordered, the entire purchasing process must be done through the dealership from where the car was ordered. Unfortunately, Volvo Car Corporation cannot be dependent on fluctuations in the international economy and corresponding exchange rates.
(December 2006)

I am an American living abroad. Can I benefit from your tax free sales program?

It may be possible. For more information please visit the following page: http://vcic.volvocars.com/ to see whether you are eligible for the program.
(December 2006)

Is it at all possible to buy a Right Hand Drive car in the US?

No - this is not certified to be sold in the U.S.
(December 2006)

Can I have information on future Volvo models?

Unfortunately we are unauthorised to provide any such information from here regarding future models as this is considered confidential and classified information. We advise that you keep in close contact with your nearest Volvo dealership and regularly check our website www.volvocars.com for information on all new Volvo models.
(December 2006)

My father is physically disabled and needs to use the grab handles regularly. Are they tested to withstand this?

Volvo S80, V70, XC70, S60 and XC90 are tested to withstand constant usage by weights up to 150 kg. The S40 and V50 can stand up to the same weight, which is a Volvo requirement.
(December 2006)

I found out that some streets were missing on the RTI navigation system in my car. To whom can I direct my suggestions?

We recommend you to enter the websites http://update.navtech.com/ for North American maps and http://navi.volvocars.com for European maps. For maprelated issues, please use the following website: http://update.navteq.com
(December 2006)

I would like to export my Volvo station wagon to Australia. What are the rules and regulations?

Please see the following website for information http://www.dotars.gov.au/transreg/vsb/vsb_10.htm
(December 2006)

I would like to use the new alloy wheels (7Jx16X49) on my Volvo 960. The original wheels are 6,5Jx16x43. Is it possible to use the slightly bigger wheels designed for the V70, S80 etc?

Unfortuntaly it is not possible to use the bigger wheels (7Jx16x49) on your Volvo 960. The alloy wheels will be too large and will therefore rub against the inside of the wheel housing.
(December 2006)

We are not happy with the seating comfort in our Volvo V70. The electric seating position does not allow us to sit in comfort at the steering wheel. We would like to return the car. What can Volvo do about this?

Volvo would like to emphasize that it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that a vehicle meets their needs prior to purchase. A test drive is important. If your dealer confirms that the seat is functioning correctly, we are sure you will appreciate that this is not a manufacturing or material defect, but a characteristic of the car.
(December 2006)

What should I do if I cannot get Roadside Assistance because the car has been exported or imported from another market?

Within Europe, the Roadside Assistance that is purhcased with a new car cannot be transferred to another country. However, you are welcome to purchase a new Volvo Assistance insurance. Of course it also possible to prolong the Volvo Assistance you have with your present car as well. Please contact your local Volvo dealership or the National Sales Company in your country.
(December 2006)

Is it possible to fit the new flat wiper blades to an S80 or V70 of older model?

Yes, but you would need to replace the entire wiper arm as well.
(December 2006)

In the new S40 & V50, why is the ignition key in the dashbord?

This is a safety feature, reducing the injury to legs and knees in the event of an accident.
(December 2006)

The seatbelt buzzer sounds when nobody is on the passenger seat.

The buzzer will sound when the car thinks there is someone on the seat. So anything of any weight that sits on the seat can trigger it. Shopping bags, hand bags, and brief cases should be kept on the floor of the car or in the boot/trunk. This is also a safer position, since unrestrained luggage can be very dangerous in an accident. It should also be noted that items should not be wedged on the floor between the front and rear seats, since this could affect the WHIPS mechanism and reduce its effectiveness. For example, an unrestrained umbrella weighing 2kg, in a 50mph collision, would be propelled forwards with an equivalent force of 100 kg/220lbs - this is, between 15 and 16 stone in human weight.
(December 2006)

Why is there no long wave function on my stereo?

We have found that demand has been diminishing for a long-wave reception, and have therefore determined that it was not necessary on our new models.
(December 2006)

Why are the front seats less supportive in the XC90 than in your other models?

The XC90 front seats have a flatter profile than those of our other models, since substantial side bolsters would make it very difficult to get in and out of the car without causing significant discomfort.
(December 2006)

On the XC90 you can adjust the 2nd row seat base, but not the back. Why?

The backrest incorporates a sophisticated mechanism to allow access to the third row. To incorporate a backrest rake adjuster as well is not currently possible.
(December 2006)

Why do the rear folding headrests on my S60, S80 fold forwards, rather than neatly backwards like they do on my Mercedes?

If the headrests were to fold backwards, passengers could sit in the seats without remembering to bring the headrests back up. This would pose a whiplash risk in the event of an accident. Having to move the headrests back into the rasied position before sitting in the back seats ensures that the passengers are protected.
(December 2006)

Please advise the difference between the cabin filter and the air quality system in the V50. Which particles are filtered?

The particle filter (cabin filter or kupefilter) in the V50 filters out visible particles such as pollen, etc, to a 90% level of separation. If you choose the air-quality system instead, the concentration of gases in the car, such as nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons, etc, by more than 50%. Another advantage with the system is that smells from the surrounding traffic virtually disappear.
(December 2006)

Why does the the tailgate not open higher on my V70? I bang my head on it when it is open.

On a V70 the tailgate hinges are part of the D-pillars at the side of the car. This is so that the hinges dont intrude into the opening aperture, and allows very big items to be put into the car without striking the hinges.
(December 2006)

Why does NCAP not do a rating for the V70?

Euro NCAP has only ever tested saloon/sedan versions of vehicles, therefore the S60 test is representative. However Volvos safety focus extends far further than NCAP, taking a holistic approach to vehicle safety. Please see www.euroncap.com.
(December 2006)

Rain sensing wipers do not start automatically first thing in the morning on my XC90/ XC70/ S80/ V70/ S60.

If they started automatically, and the windscreen was iced up, it would burn out the motor.
(December 2006)

Why fit large wheels and low profile tyres/tires when they spoil the ride?

Wide, low-profile tyres/tires enhance the sporty feel of a car. They transmit more feedback to the driver, which many customers like. Customers should road-test cars with their preferred wheel and tyre/tire combinations.
(December 2006)

How come my car has a much worse turning radius than my old 940?

Current Volvos are front-wheel drive (or all-wheel drive). The transverse engine, combined with front wheel drive allows much better use of the interior of the car, which is not intruded into by the presence of a transmission tunnel. The engine is therefore relatively wide, which restricts the extent to which the front wheels can be turned. Rear-wheel drive cars have no drive mechanisms attached to the front wheels, and this too allows for increased steering lock.
(December 2006)

How come Volvo no longer makes rear-wheel drive cars?

Front-wheel drive gives excellent drivability on slippery surfaces, excellent stability under acceleration, and since the center of gravity is close to the front wheels, it makes the car stable in cross-winds. It also allows the best possible use of interior space, since the transverse-mounted engine takes up very little interior space, and there is no propeller shaft to intrude into the passengers space. For fans of rear-wheel drive cars, all-wheel drive is a great alternative, and a number of Volvo models can be purchased in this configuration.
(December 2006)

Why does Volvo not have heated windscreens?

Heated front screen are quite effective in removing ice from the outer side of the screen and for removing condensation on the inside. If the windscreen is misted or frozen, however, there is a strong possibility that the side windows will be too. If we let the heated front screen do the work, will we drive off with the side windows unclear? Chances are we will. Volvo believes this to be a safety concern and by using the air conditioning unit, the vehicles temperature will have risen enough to clear the windows in a very short time.
(December 2006)

Why does Volvo not have touch-screen navigation?

All new Volvo systems feature pop-up or flip-up dashboard top displays so they are as close as possible to your natural field of vision. This means that the time spent looking at the road will be greatly increased compared with low level systems. Volvos controls are fitted to the rear of the steering wheel, so that your hands do not have to leave the wheel to operate the feature. Touch-screen may be a gimmick, but it has a higher risk attached to its use.
(December 2006)

Volvo seems to be moving away from headlight wash-wipe to pressure washers only. Why is this?

A headlamp washer system without wipers offers better protection to pedestrians and other vulnerable road users in the event of an accident.
(December 2006)

Why does Volvo not publicize its achievements in NCAP tests?

Safety is a cornerstone for Volvo, but not solely to pass the NCAP tests. Volvo takes a holistic approach to a car safety, and although we are proud of the good results we have achieved in NCAP, there is more to safety than passing these tests. Volvos safety center in Sweden carries out many different types of impact testing, to ensure that our cars are as safe as possible in real-world accident situations.
(December 2006)

Why am I not allowed to adjust the height of my seatbelt?

The seatbelts have automatic height adjusters, so there is no need to manually alter them. The belt moves up and down in the slot in the door pillar, according to the angle at which it is fastened.
(December 2006)

Why are the front side marker lights orange? They look like indicators.

European legislation insists that side marker lights must be orange in color.
(December 2006)

My headlight washers dont always work when I wash the windows.

On cars with power wash on the headlights (as opposed to washers with wipers) the headlight washers will not operate every time the windscreen washers are used. They use a lot of water, and since they are not generally required every time the windscreen is cleaned, they are not activated if they have been recently used.
(December 2006)

The design of Volvos is quite rounded compared with other manufacturers squarer corners. Why is this?

This assists with pedestrian safety, helping to reduce injury levels by allowing pedestriants to roll off the corners of the vehicle rather than being thrown across the bonnet/hood. It also makes our larger vehicles look sleeker and less bulky than if they had squared-off edges.
(December 2006)

If Volvos safety features are so good, why dont all manufacturers use them?

Volvo has always been at the forefront of the development of vehicle safety systems, and has been behind most of the safety features in cars today. Even the three-point seatbelt was a Volvo first, which saves thousands of lives every year. Other manufacturers may carry the safety features that help them sell cars, but systems like SIPS, which have a high cost and requires significant explanation to customers, may not be seen as cost-effective. Euro NCAP is seen as important by all manufacturers, but for many it may simply be a question of building a car to pass their tests. For Volvo it is a case of building cars to save lives.
(December 2006)

I have just changed the bulb in my gas-discharge headlights - and the light is now a different color. Why?

A GDL bulb produces twice as much light as a halogen bulb, but uses only half as much current. The service life of a bulb us generally around 3000 hours, and during this time the shade of color gradually changes. A new bulb does not produce the same white light as it does when it has been used for some time-this is due to the change that is continuously taking place. After 100-120 hours, the new bulb has stabilised and the shade of color reaches its optimal level.
(December 2006)

I just had my car valeted and now the windscreen keeps misting up. Why?

A wide range of products are available for cleaning dashboards, some of which create a high gloss shine. This will increase the reflection of the dashboard in the windscreen. Also, over time, various chemical substances in the cleaning agents can vaporize and end up on the windscreen, causing fogging which reduces visibility and makes it neccesary to keep cleaning the windscreen. Please ask your local Volvo dealership for an alternative.
(December 2006)

Why can I not adjust the headrests?

The headrests of our cars have been designed to be as safe as possible for drivers and passengers of all heights. If the headrests were adjustable, it would mean that the customers could potentially position them unsafely. In our crash-testing, and that of other organisations, they have been found to be industry-leading in terms of their protection against injury. Thacham is currently undertaking testing of vehicle headrests for whiplashprotection, and Volvos are used as the benchmark.
(December 2006)

We have an XC90 and wonder whether we can retrofit PDC (Parking Distance Control) in the front?

Yes, if your car also has PDC in the rear and if you do not have extra lights in the front. Your Volvo dealer will give you the kit number and download the software for you.
(December 2006)

The headlights on my UK spec car shine the wrong way in France. Is there any way that I can permamently change my headlamps seeing I now live in France?

To change the direction of the beam of your head lamps you must change the entire headlamp units. Unfortunately, there is no alternative. Except for all 2005 S40s and V50s where there is a blind within the headlamp. The blind can be switched to redirect the beam.
(December 2006)

Your rear seat belts are not long enough for my daughters child seat. Why? I thought Volvo was supposed to be a safe car.

The seat belts in the rear seats of our newer models have been adapted to suit the European standard load limit gauge. Unfortunately there are some child seat manufacturers who have not adapted their seats to this load limit gauge and have instead constructed seats which require large lengths of seat belt. In other words, it is not only the car manufacturers, but also the child seat manufacturers who must adapt. Volvos seat belts have been developed to give the best possible protection in different collision situations. The seat belt length is one of many important parameters in this respect. If it is too long, the restraining characteristics are poorer and the so called film reel effect increases. In other words, it is a question of balancing between the optimum number of possible occupant sizes and child seat sizes and the best possible crash performance. A car with seat belts long enough to cover all possible child seat sizes is therefore unlikely to be the best car for adult occupants from a crash safety point of view.
Volvo is working together with several of the child seat manufacturers to develop seats and seat belts which will both fit together and meet the stringent safety requirements set by Volvo.
There are many child seats available which do not require such long seat belts. The Britax Rock-a-Tot is one of these.
With regard to seat belt extensions, these are not permitted for use within Europe. They are available in the USA with special permission, for extra large or overweight adults. However, they must ABSOLUTELY NOT be used with child seats, since there is a risk that they will snap in a collision.
(December 2006)

Is it possible to retrofit cruise control in my Volvo V50 diesel?

(December 2006)

Why can I not have my vehicle the way it is in the brochure?

Please note: Some information in the brochures may be incorrect due to product changes which may have occurred since printing. Some of the equipment described or shown may only be available only at extra cost. Before ordering, please ask your Volvo dealer for the latest information. In addition, the manufacturer reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, to prices, colours, materials, specifications and models.
(December 2006)

I am going to Sweden in my Volvo car and I would like to know if I can use the winter tyres and for how long time. What does the Swedish regulations say? I have planned my trip to the 21st March.

We recommend you to enter the web page to the Swedish Traffic Authorities (Vägverket): http://www.vv.se/templates/page3____10480.aspx, where you can read about the rules and regulations regarding the winter tyres.
(December 2006)

What is the temporary puncture repair kit and how does the sealant canister work?

The temporary puncture repair kit and sealant canister is a temporary solution for not too major punctures. The kit helps you to travel to your nearest authorised Volvo dealership in the same way that the temporary spare tyre does. You should not exceed 80kms/h or 50 miles/h and you should not travel further than 200km/ 120miles having used the kit. Depending on the severity of the puncture, the dealer will make the decision if the punctured tyre can be repaired or should be replaced.
(December 2006)

Can you suggest an accessory to prevent the seat belt rubbing against the chest of my wife and make driving more comfortable for her?

We regret that we are unable to offer advice on how to fit, or whether the fitting of a non Volvo accessory to our cars will affect the operation of our cars equipment in any way. We believe that the operation and fitting of our seatbelts offers optimum protection for the majority of our customers. Design of all car seats and restraints represents a compromise solution to afford comfort to people of varying heights, builds and preferences and this situation is not unique to Volvo. We do not recommend that the seat belts have any other equipment attached to them. The reason for inertial seat belts is so that movement can be achieved whilst holding the occupant securely and that the pretentioners are able to operate in the event of a sudden, sharp deceleration. The pretensioners operate in conjunction with the other safety equipment and tighten the belt on activation to ensure maximum safety for the occupants. Naturally, the looser the belt the less effective this safety feature becomes.
(December 2006)

Can a diesel engine run on Bio Diesel?

We would like to stress that your Owners Manual specifies the fuel which is most suitable for your vehicle. Todays Diesel engines are very sensitive to fuel quality and contaminations. We therefore recommend that you use only Diesel fuel from well-known oil companies fulfilling EN 590, JIS K2204 or similar regulations. The following do NOT fulfil the demands according to Volvos recommendation. They will cause increased engine wear and engine damage which is NOT covered under the Volvo warranty: -Heating oil (e.g. BS 2869) -Marine Diesel fuel (e.g. ISO 8217) -RME (max. 5% FAME) NOTE: - A max of 5% RME is permitted however more than 5% is not and the above statement relating to engine wear/ warranty cover applies. -Special additives (e.g. lubricity-, flow-, cetan-improvers, etc) -Alcohols -Petrol -Diesel fuel with undissolved water (free water) or emulsions of Diesel fuel and water (Aquazole). Damage to engine or engine components caused by the use of non-recommended fuel or fuel additives is NOT covered under the Volvo warranty.
(December 2006)

I own a 1996 Volvo 850 with a black plastic immobiliser key which has become defective. According to my dealer they are no longer available.

These black plastic keys are replaced by grey plastic immobiliser keys. The only problem is that it is not sufficient to replace the key only, the immobiliser control unit has to be replaced at the same time. The kit has to be fitted by an authorised Volvo dealership since it is necessary to utilise VADIS.
(December 2006)

I have a question regarding my Ford car. To whom can I address my concerns?

Please feel free to contact Ford Motor Company as follows: Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center P.O. Box 6248 Dearborn, MI 48126 USA
(December 2006)

I have received a Customer Survey from Global Customer Relations and am having problems accessing the site.

Please use the URL http://www2.tns-gallup.se/gcrc/
(December 2006)

I have a non European spec Volvo and would like to retrofit seat heating before taking my car to Europe. Is this possible?

Volvo strongly advises against this. The job is so complex and so expensive that it is really not worth attempting. So many software systems and other systems are affected.
(December 2006)

Where can I get information about buying owners manuals,service manuals, instruction diagrams, etc?

We are pleased to inform you that Volvo Car Corporation now has a new on-line Service Web Shop where customers may search for and order Owners Manuals for their vehicles. Please feel free to visit this shop as follows: https://www.volvocarstechinfo.ford.com/vss/
When you visit the site for the first time you need to register before you can log in.
(December 2006)

Is it possible to buy a new Volvo with a diesel engine in the United States?

No, Volvo in the United States does not carry diesel models now.
(December 2006)

I am a customer in Finland, driving in a part of Finland where people speak Swedish. The names on my map in the RTI system here turn up in the Swedish language. How may I change the name of the places to Finnish?

Unfortunately, the feature of offering these parts of Finland with their Swedish names, cannot be changed for the moment.
(December 2006)

What is the difference between the old and the new Haldex clutch?

The major difference between the new and the older version of the Haldex clutch is the "instant traction", or the "pre-charge". This means that there is a certain pressure in the clutch from the beginning, which in turn means that a vehicle with an automatic gearbox will start to pull instantly when started. In the earlier version this was delayed a second or so, even though also this was fast. The new clutch will be in manual gearboxes as well.
(December 2006)

I have Park Assist Rear in my 2004 XC90. Can I also have Park Assist Front?

Park Assist Front is available as an accessory in XC90 models from 2005. Unfortunately not from 2004.
(December 2006)

My new Volvo was specified with the HU-1205 RTI TMC system. I do not recieve TMC data in the UK. What can be done?

New discs are available containing software to allow reception of TMC broadcasts. They were launched on July 25th 2005. Please contact your local Volvo dealer for further info.
(December 2006)

I have been told that the aluminum plates on the XC70 are not for a functional purpose. Are they really only designed to be decorative? I wish to drive off road with the car so what sort of protection can I expect from them?

The alumnium plates are not a safety feature; it is more a decorative feature. Unfortunately, the Volvo XC70 is not intended to be a fully off road vehicle. We recommend you to contact your nearest authorised Volvo dealership for further clarifications.
(December 2006)

Why would I get skin burns on arm and hand when the air bag has deployed?

info from PVT sent to Mkt rep: When the air bag is activated, there is, around the vent holes, hot gas and soot. The temperature is hot enough to cause slight burns, if in contact with the gas let out. The temperature in the air bag can reach 400 degrees Celsius, but only during an extremely short period, as the gas is cooled very quickly before it even reaches the vent holes. Concerning the burns on the arm, it is not sure that it is generated by the warm gas. It is also possible that it has been caused by the friction of the bag itself during activation. The bag is inflated at a very high speed, because when needed it should be there instantly. It is also made of polyamide, and the powerful inflation can cause a friction, which may result in skin burns if the arms are in an erratic position at the time of the accident. At crash tests and product development thus far, it has been judged that these types of injuries are seen as relatively "reasonable", considering how serious the injuries can be when in a real car accident. At Volvo Car Corporation, safety is a prioritised area of investigation, in which we always look for the best possible security systems for the customer. To minimise the possible injuries caused by a car accident, we also follow the development for new types of gas generators likely to lessen any injuries caused by an activated air bag.
(December 2006)

The turning radius of a Volvo V50 is 10.6 m. To what does the turning radius refer?

The turning radius is 10.6 m, measured from the outside of the outer front wheel.
(December 2006)

Is the body of the Volvo V50 totally zinc coated?

Yes, the whole car body is zinc coated or galvanised, except the roof, since it is not so exposed to stone chipping and larger impacts.
(December 2006)

Is it the same anti-corrosion treatment on all Volvo vehicles?

It is the same anti-corrosion treatment on the Volvo vehicles of the same type and model year.
(December 2006)

How do I connect my iPod to the stereo system in my Volvo car?

An iPod can be connected to the Volvo Cars stereo systems through the CD Changer connector with a special cable. This will be available for V70 from MY 2000, XC70 from MY2001 and all S80 and S60. Please see attachment for further information. Please see the following for further explanations and information: http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/product_list/c_path/286_297/spd/i-pod-ready-stereos.html
(December 2006)

From where can we order Volvo brochures and booklets such as the Volvo History Booklet?

You can place an order at SC-support, purchase order no: 1644200400042483. Before - the History Booklet was available at Pubstore, but from last year Global Marketing told it would be better if the books were available on SC-support. They can be contacted at order@sc-support.se and the booklet costs 99SEK.
(December 2006)

What are the requirements to import my Volvo from Asia into the UK?

The car requires a Single Vehicle Approval by the UK Dept. of Transport. (A Certificate of Conformity is not valid in this case, since that only applies to vehicles transported within the EU). The procedure is different depending on whether the car is being imported into the UK as personal property. In that case only a Basic Test is required, involving simple changes such as the speedometer from km to miles. If it is a company car, an Enhanced Test is required and that is much more comprehensive. There is a booklet available with information about these requirements. Please look at www.dft.gov.uk Go to "Roads and Vehicles", then "Vehicles", then "Vehicle standards: safety", then "Vehicle Imports and Single Vehicle Approval". There you can order the booklet.
(December 2006)

The finish of the plastic trims around my XC90 have started to fade. Is there anything I can do to improve the finish?

Volvo Part No 9510208, plastic cleaning-agent. This product will deep clean the surface, removing dirt and wax and give a renewed finish to bumpers and such. Volvo Part No 9510210, plastic protection-agent. This product will prevent a part that has been treated with the above mentioned product from fading or becoming discoloured. This agent also prevents wax from sticking, which can give a patchy surface. Please contact your Volvo dealership for further assistance.
(December 2006)

Can I somehow retrofit the integrated child seat in the back of my newly bought second-hand Volvo V70?

There is an extra seat that can be mounted in the boot or trunk of the car, and this can be retrofitted as well as ordered as an option. There are also integrated child seats in the back seat, which can be ordered as an option from the factory. However, we do not recommend to retrofit this.
(December 2006)

I do not know if I have Bi-Xenon headlights on my car. It says GDL headlights on my car specification. Do I really have Bi-Xenon lights?

Bi-Xenon and GDL (gas discharge light) headlights are exactly the same, so yes, you have Bi-Xenon light.
(December 2006)

How would the WHIPS system work in the car if the baby seat is pushed against the seats or if the baby seat is trapped between the front two seats in the Volvo XC90?

The WHIPS-system works with a rearward faced child seat placed in the rear seat. The Owners Manual states that nothing should be placed rear of the WHIPS-seat. This refers to boxes (or similar cargo) or a folded rear seat that can hinder the WHIPS-system to function, especially in the lower part of the front seat back. A child seat rests on the upper part of the seat back and can move rearwards in a rear impact, even if the child seat is fixed with the attachment straps, this means that the WHIPS-system works. The WHIPS-movment does not affect a child that is correctly placed in a correctly mounted child seat rear of a WHIPS-seat. The ability of the car to absorb energy in a side impact is not affected by a child seat placed in the middle seat of the rear seat. The child seat is not able to be placed so far forward that it could be stuck between the seats and in an impact the child seat will be pushed rearwards. Most of the load in a side impact is transferred in the lower part of the seat structure.
(December 2006)

To travel between the UK and the Continent I need to adjust the headlamps on my 2003 Volvo XC90 with Bi Xenon lights. What solution does Volvo offer?

You can mask the headlamps with tape and soft plastic according to the attached template.
(December 2006)

What changes are required to move my XC70 from USA to Germany?

Irrespective of the circumstances and the difference in the way the vehicles are assembled on account of the national specifications for the USA, it is up to the respective technical service inspector to what extent he accepts other national specifications within the framework of Germanys Road Traffic Licensing Regulations, StVZO, and for which measures he demands a special authorization or alterations. For the preparation of this specification sheet, we at Volvo car Germany currently charge 75 euros plus the Value Added Tax. Please send us a declaration that you are willing to assume these costs. Here are some of the features that the inspector responsible checks in order to enable the registration a vehicle in Germany:
. Wheel and tire combination, i.e. size and specification
· Headlight leveling
· All light units and seat belts must bear the identification E. This is a MUST for the headlights
· Speedometer with mileage indicator
· It is possible that some of the vehicles equipment cannot be registered in Germany.
This specification document also provides detailed information for vehicles with a non-European specification. We are not in a position to specify all the risks and potential incalculabilities. We are not allowed to handle this. So we ask you to handle this whole action with the independent technical engineers like TÜV, DEKRA or so in Germany.
(December 2006)

Do you have a technical website at Volvo in USA for information on your cars?

Please visit our technical website for information on our cars. www.volvotechinfo.com
(December 2006)

What do I need to change in my Volvo to move from USA to EU?

A great many things, for example, lights all around, speedometer and instrument panel, seat belts, the glass in the rear view mirrors, emission, just to name a few.

Please note that there may different rules and regulations in different countries within the European Union.
(December 2006)

Is it possible to import a RHD Volvo with overseas specifications into the UK?

Genuine personal importers (moving goods for instance) should contact DVLA Swansea for further information and possible assistance. We recommend that the attached document is carefully studied before starting any process. Otherwise the answer is NO, it is not possible.
(December 2006)

I have been given a spare key fob. Is it possible to reprogram this for my Volvo V40?

Yes it is possible to reprogam key fobs at authorised Volvo dealerships. Volvo Original key fobs made for all V40s and S40s made 1995-2003 are compatible and possible to reprogram to fit these cars.
(December 2006)

What snow chains can I use for my Volvo XC70? My tyres are size 215/60 R17. I cannot find any information for these on the website.

This is an Oriander wheel, and was specially made for the Volvo XC70. Volvo Car Corporation recommends that you use the R-Matic snow chains. Please ask your local Volvo dealership for the part number.
(December 2006)

Is LPG gas available at petrol stations in the UK?

This fuel is available at some petrol stations in the UK, including those situated on the major road networks, including motorways.
The following web sites offer further information on this subject together with lists of those garages that stock LPG, currently numbering in excess of 1200.
(December 2006)

Is it possible to retrofit a particle filter in a diesel car in France or elsewhere in Europe?

There is no straight yes or no answer to your question. About Week 40 this year, in October or November, it will be possible to retrofit the particle filter in German Volvo cars in Germany. This will mean that the cars with particle filter there will be allowed to drive into some cities where it is otherwise forbidden to drive. It may also mean a tax cut for those cars with particle filter. If a customer buys a 2002 Volvo V70 D5 in Germany, we do not know which tax rules and other allowances apply in France.

There is no particle filter planned for the French market, but some studies are in progress for Switzerland and Austria, where we hope to introduce the particle filters within the next year or two.
(December 2006)

What is VROM?

Volvo Rendezvous For Owners and Members. See their website: http://www.vrom.org/e/evromframe.htm
(January 2007)

I am interested in the SCC, Safety Concept Car. Where can I find more information about it?

Please visit www.media.volvocars.com. Click on the flag you prefer. Click on Car models, Concept cars and finally choose SCC. This is a site where Journalists can register - NOT customers.
(December 2006)

I am Swedish, but live in Finland. Why are the service intervals different in Finland and Sweden, despite similar conditions? When do I replace the timing belt on my 2001 S60?

Climate conditions are harsher and temps down to -35 degrees in northern Finland, where there are many more people and cars than in corresponding areas of northern Sweden. The timing belts do not withstand such cold. Therefore we recommend 160,000 km or 48 months, whichever comes first, for replacement of the timing belt.
(December 2006)

Where can I find access to Volvo wiring diagrams, service manuals, workshop info, Owners manuals, etc?

UK customers, please visit:
Otherwise, please visit our web shop as follows:
(April 2006)

Could you please advise the content of steel, rubber and other ingredients in a Volvo car?

Please look at the following website for this information: http://www.volvocars.com/corporation/CorporateCitizenship/GlobalReportingInitiative

(December 2006)

I wish to fit a hands free in my Volvo car, is there already a GSM antenna in the car or will I have to fit one myself?

All Volvo cars that are eqipped with Integrated Telephones have a GSM antenna. If your car does not have this, you can either mount a GSM antenna on the windscreen, in the same way as it is done for factory fitted Integrated Telephones, or, you can also have it as an extra glass antenna. Please ask your local Volvo dealership which would be the best option for you.
(December 2006)

Are there any particular winter tyres that I should use for my Volvo car? I have a Volvo XC90.

Volvo Car Corporation does not recommend any particular brand of tires. Instead we would like to recommend you to please contact your local Volvo dealership, who will be able to advise you on tires suitable for your local road and weather conditions. If you are to travel with your Volvo car, it could also be worthwhile to call your insurance company. They may be able to advise you on local conditions at your destianation, concerning for example dubbed tyres and snow chains.
(December 2006)

I have a V50 and would like to turn off the Day Running Lights myself. I have heard I can only do this at the Volvo dealer.

First of all it is a proven fact that it is safer to drive during the day with headlights switched on, and it will not take much longer before this becomes a legal requirement in the whole of Europe and eventually throughout the world. Safety is one of Volvo Car Corporations cornerstones, and that is why VCC is promoting the use of Day Running Lights, and why Volvo Cars UK has decided to have this as standard on all vehicles sold in the UK. The use of Day Running Lights does not affect the charge condition of the battery. The bulbs of your vehicle are powered by a Pulse Width Modulation signal, which keeps the voltage on the bulbs at a constant average voltage to assure maximum life at optimal light output. The engine of your vehicle has a power output of 100 KW, which is 100,000 W. The energy that is used for this extra safety feature is only 140 Watt. It is possible to save much more energy by using a moderate driving style. The only possibility to switch off the Day Running Lights is indeed at the authorised Volvo workshop by performing a Software Download.
(December 2006)

Does Volvo have any GPS navigation maps available for Turkey? If not, when will they be available?

Volvo does not manufacture any maps or map databases on site. There are two major manufacturers of map databases in Europe, from whom all auto manufacturers purchase their maps. These two companies make and update the databases and prepare new map databases based on the demand in the different countries. Up until now, there has been very little demand for navigation equipment and map information for Turkey. Instead, they are concentrating more on the former Eastern States, such as the Czech Republic and Poland. Due to the low demand, it could take at least a couple of years before there are maps available for Turkey.
(June 2006)

I would like to get crash test information on the cars, where can I find this?

EuroNCAP, the European New Car Assessment Programme, perform crashes and rate models of different brands. You are welcome to visit the EuroNCAP web site as follows:

The NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Administration in the United States, also perform tests on cars of most brands. You are welcome to visit them as follows:

The Swedish insurance company Folksam have statistics on real-life accidents in Sweden. These are considered by most insurance companies to be very reliable statistics. Because the statistics are based on real accidents, not all brands or models may be involved every year. The Folksam list is based on 94,100 car crashes that occurred between 1994 and 2004. It shows occupant safety in different car models in a two-car collision. They also have an English version of their website, which can be visited as follows: http://www.folksam.se/engelsk/index.htm (English) http://www.folksam.se/forskning/index.htm (Swedish)

(July 2006)

I am a resident in the United Kingdom and would like to have an extended warranty on my Volvo car, is that possible?

Yes, Volvo Car UK Ltd offers the possibility of buying an extended warranty. Please contact your local Volvo dealership or Volvo Car UK Ltd for further information and availability.
You are welcome to contact Volvo Car UK directly as follows:
Volvo Car UK Ltd
Globe Park,
SL7 1YQ.
Phone: +44 8457 56 46 36;
Fax: +44 1628 47 56 23;
Email: custcare@volvocars.com
(July 2006)

I have comments and complaints about Volvos RTI maps.

Please visit the website for Navteq, www.navteq.com and submit map feedback. Please note that you cannot purchase maps directly from Navteq!
(December 2006)

My XC90 is frequently left outdoors for longer periods of time. Is there a car cover available to protect it from getting dirty?

Yes there is. The Volvo part No. is 8698643-7 and the cable lock part No. (to protect the cover from being stolen) is 9172621-6.
(December 2006)

I will move my Volvo from South Africa to the Netherlands and wonder whether the 5 year 100,000 km service plan is valid there?

Yes, it is international. However, please inform your dealer before service, since the plan is not yet widely known.
(December 2006)

How does the DSTC system work?

The DSTC, Dynamic Stability and Traction Control system is designed to stabilise the car in slippery and difficult conditions. However, a car has to abide by the laws of physics, and at an aquaplaning at a higher speed, it is not possible to completely stop a vehicle. The DSTC have sensors which judge both the speed forwards and backwards, and sensors that measure the motions of the steering wheel, if the driver is braking, and the gear set in the transmission. With all this taken into account, the system calculates what countermeasures will best stabilise the car.

Although the DSTC will help to improve a difficult situation, we would also like to make you aware that one must also take into account the local road and weather conditions, the tires on your vehicle, as well as other influential facts.
(December 2006)

We have a Volvo S80 and wonder whether we can retrofit PDC (Parking Distance Control) in the front?

It is possible to retrofit Park Assistance in the front in the S80 of Model Year 2005 and newer. Unfortunately it is not possible to retrofit the system in older models.
(December 2006)

I have heard of Distance Park Control, what is it and how does it work?

Park Assist, another name for this system, has a sensor in rear of the car measuring the distance to object and obstacles behind you. The closer you come to it, the faster the sound will beep as a warning for you. The Front Park Assistance works in the same way.

The Rear Park Assist can only be ordered as a Factory Option, which means that it cannot be retrofitted. The Front Park Assist is fitted as an accessory, and can be retrofitted at your local Volvo dealership.
(December 2006)

The indicator of consumed fuel on my Volvo S80 hardly changes at all, no matter where I drive. Why?

The fuel consumption indicator in the S80, as well as in the S60 and V70, is based on the average fuel consumption since the last time you reset the trip meter in your car. We would like to recommend that the trip meter is reset every time you fill up the tank, that way you will have a good average of the fuel consumption. This is, however, not the same as the mileage to empty tank (see other question).

How is the mileage left until empty tank, showed on the instrument panel in my Volvo S80, calculated?

The mileage left until the tank is empty changes constantly when you drive in order for you to always have an updated figure on this. The mileage left is calculated on the 20 km (about 12.5 UK miles) , which means that it will of course differ when driving in urban and rural areas. The average fuel consumption, also shown on the instrument panel, is not calculated in the same way (see other question).

It seems as though my Volvo car does not qualify for lower tax in Sweden after they changed it. It is of Model Year 2005, how come it gets the higher tax?

In Sweden all cars that fulfil the requirements for "Miljöklass 2005" are eligible for a lower tax. This is not connected with the Model Year of a car. For example, some cars produced in 2000 are eligible for the lower tax, whereas other heavier cars produced in 2005 are not. All Volvo cars set in traffic after 1st of January, 2006, qualify for the lower tax.
You are welcome to visit the web page of Vägverket in order to see what tax rate your car qualifies for, to search by licence plate number, please use the following link: br https://www21.vv.se/fordonsskattefraga/

Which mobile phones are compatible with the blueotth system in my Volvo car?

A list of mobile phones compatible with the Volvo Car Bluetooth system is now available on the following website: www.volvocars.com/bluetooth
This list is continuously updated.

I plan to buy a 3-year old Volvo XC70 & wonder whether there is an LPG conversion kit available for these cars.

There is no Volvo kit available & Volvo does not sanction such conversion, even if there may be private companies offering it.

1. Could you please advise on the use of booster seats or child seats/cushions on the rear-facing child seat in the boot compartment of the Volvo V70?

2. - Do you have any figures on how much Volvo spends on safety testing and the new Safety Centre?

3. - Is there any data/facts available on safety in the rear-facing child seat in the boot compartment?

1A. The "extra seat" is for children who have outgrown the rear facing seat (appr 3-4 years of age) up to approx 140cm. Boosters or other belt-positioning child seats are not needed since the "extra seats" are designed for this group of children. Children under the age of 3-4 years should use rearward facing child seats positioned in the rear seat (2nd row) or front passenger seat if no airbag. 2A. Safety is involved in most areas of VCCs product development and the amount of money spent on safety testing is difficult to define. There is no such figure available. 3A. The extra seat has been tested and evaluated in several impact situations in laboratory testing, showing good protection of the child. Being rearward facing offers an extra advantage in frontal impacts. The experiences from real world accidents show good protection. This is based on the characteristics of the seat itself (incl. belts and head restraints) IN COMBINATION WITH the car body design/structure and overall crash performance characteristics.

I have a German spec 2002 Volvo S60 and would like to change the language on my trip computer from German to English. Is this possible?

Yes. There is a software upgrade available for this. Please contact your nearest Volvo dealer.

The DVD for the GPS or RTI in my 2002 Volvo S60 does not have good map coverage of Poland. Is there any newer or better map available?

A new DVD was issued in December 2006 and another new one will be issued in June 2007. These should have better coverage.

The fuel consumption in my Volvo V50/S40 with a petrol engine seems very high, why? I drive mainly in urban areas.

Regarding the fuel consumption, this is calculated in different ways depending on what is chosen on the instrument panel. For example "instant fuel consumption" shows the fuel consumption at that precise moment, and uses only a very short distance for basis of calculation, which means that in urban driving this could be very high. The general consumption is calculated on basis of the mileage since being reset. We advise that this is done each time the tank is filled up so that the calculations will be correct.

The fuel consumption is generally based on the distance travelled, the amount of fuel put in the tank, and the time the car has been running. Urban driving, perhaps including starting the engine when cold, generally driving shorter distances, several red lights, would automatically mean a higher fuel consumption than highway driving.

I will be traveling to Italy next week and we will be renting a Volvo. I was curious about the cigarette charging component. Is it universal? If I bring my cell phone and ipod charger from the states will I be able to plug it into the cigarette adapter in the Volvo in Italy?

Yes, indeed!

I would like to order an armoured Volvo XC90. Can you help me?

I am sorry to inform you that Volvo Car Corporation does not offer armoured cars since 2003, and there are no plans at this point to reintroduce these vehicles. In order to obtain such a vehicle you will have to contact an armouring company that have Volvo XC90 in their product range. Volvo has no involvement with these companies and therefore any product issues concerning these vehicles will have to be answered by the respective armouring company.