Risk management

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Enterprise Risk Management
The automotive industry is going through a transformation. The future will bring: new products and services, new types of interactions with customers, new co-operations, a complex value chain and significant investments. The transformation will have strategic implications on areas such as: competence, business models, financial models, brand & value and funding.

The current evolvement of the automotive industry offers opportunities and based on their uncertainties and their individual timing a number of risks. The main areas of risk and opportunity identified are: connectivity, electrification, autonomous drive, shared mobility, new industry entrants and sustainability regulations and policies.

Enterprise risk management is used to help develop and confirm strategies. And to meet objectives through seizing opportunities and mitigating risks. Should a risk materialise, that could not be mitigated, we aim to be well prepared. Through 2016 continuous risk identification and risk mitigation activities have taken place on a short (rolling 12 months), medium (1–5 years) and long (longer than 5 years) term basis.