For the most exciting journey in our history, we need the right partners.

Our suppliers play a key role in the ongoing and future success of Volvo Cars. The timely supply of materials and services to the right cost, quality and specification is essential to our daily operations. Also, we expect our suppliers to be as innovative as we are, to help us move forward.

Visit our Supplier Portal

The Volvo Cars Supplier Portal is a place where we communicate and share useful information with our suppliers so that we work together as effectively as possible. We invite all our suppliers to apply for access.

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Supplier requirements

We collaborate with our suppliers to help us realise our ambitions and support our core values of excellence in safety, quality and concern for the environment. The standards we set are high – meeting them helps us both achieve more.

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Become a supplier

If you’re interested in becoming a Volvo Cars supplier, our Purchasing team is your first point of call. To get in touch, download our Supplier Request Document and send it to volvocars.supplierportal@volvocars.com with the following – Subject: New Supplier Request: Your Company Name

Download the supplier request document

Email our purchasing department

How to contact us

If you’re an existing Volvo Cars supplier and have a query we’d like to hear from you. For questions related to purchasing, supply chain or supplier quality, simply email us at the address below, including your company name and partner code. 

Email our purchasing department


Finance queries

We’re here to help. If you have any questions regarding your invoice simply send your enquiry, in English, to the appropriate email address below.

vcchelpp@volvocars.com – general Accounts Payable support
vccbil@volvocars.com – non-production invoice queries
vcctrey@volvocars.com – bank statement queries
vccpymt@volvocars.com – queries relating to supplier payments


vccsbi@volvocars.com – production material


vcginfo@volvocars.com – general queries
vcgap@volvocars.com – EDI invoice enquiries


cnsbi@volvocars.com - All entities

apvctc@volvocars.com - Volvo Cars Technology Company (VCTC) - Shanghai
apzjsh@volvocars.com - Zhongjia Automobile Manufacturing - Shanghai
apcd@volvocars.com - Zhongjia Automobile Manufacturing – Chengdu
apcd@volvocars.com - Zhejiang Haoqing Automobile Manufacturing Co Ltd, CD branch
apdq@volvocars.com - Daqing Volvo Car Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
apzjk1@volvocars.com - Zhangjiakou Volvo Car Engine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
apvctc@volvocars.com - Shanghai Volvo Car R&D Co., Ltd
apvctc@volvocars.com - Volvo Car Electric Propulsion Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

USA – Charleston
apvcuo@volvocars.com - Invoice and Accounts Payable queries