Responsibility at the heart of everything we do.

At Volvo Cars we’re still building on our legendary heritage. We started making cars in 1927 because we believed nobody else was making them strong enough or safe enough for Swedish roads. We have been leaders in innovation ever since. It is this commitment that continues driving us forward to the next great Volvo Cars idea.

Putting people in front

We will attract the people who will bring new thinking to solve the biggest challenges we face. And we pride ourselves on our passionate workforce, so visit our Careers page if working with Volvo Car Group appeals to you.


Your safety and care for the world

An important element of our approach to Sustainability is protecting you and your world. We take our responsibility towards keeping you safe, and limiting our impact on the environment, very seriously. Sustainability is central to all our decisions and investments, and it is key to successful and ethical business.


Making a difference in the world

We have always been about safety, but we also understand the environmental impact that cars have – that’s why we developed our more efficient, less polluting Drive-E powertrains. 

We care about your personal environment, too; the air inside a Volvo is cleaner than that outside thanks to our climate control system. And we realise that cars need to be better integrated into your life. 


Contributing to society

- Be ethical and comply with regulations
- Follow policies of anti-corruption, anti-trust and fair competition
- Develop our safety vision
- Improve supply chain
- Engage in stakeholder dialogue


The share of independent safety tests where Volvo Cars received the highest rank (%) 2007-2014

Creating economic value

- Create jobs
- Invest in infrastructure and future mobility
- Transfer technology and knowledge
- Contribute to the public sector


Total workforce 2007-2014

Responsible business

Our comprehensive Code of Conduct, which is based on existing policies, is our way of ensuring that we conduct business in an ethical and compliant way. The Code applies to everyone within Volvo Cars, as well as consultants and agency personnel working under the direction of Volvo Cars. We also expect that all of our business contacts and commercial partners should be governed by the same or similar principles stipulated in the Code of Conduct. It is also an important part of our commitment to Sustainability.

Our Code of conduct, April 2015

Latest sustainability report

We have been reporting on environmental, health and safety aspects of our products and production since 2000, before it became formalised.

In 2003, we published our first Sustainability Report in line with the international reporting guidelines from Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). You can download our latest Sustainability Report here.


Contact sustainability

If you have any questions at all about Sustainability or the latest Report, please do contact us with the following details:

Volvo Car Group
Corporate Communications/Sustainability
50232, PVH 50
SE – 405 31
Gothenburg, Sweden