Company Philosophy

Meet our principles and beliefs

Volvo Cars is a global company with around 20 000 employees all over the world. Being global we are obviously influenced by and have to consider trends and movements in different cultures and markets. But in the core of the company there is still a Swedish soul and deep cultural roots. We are Swedish at heart. It defines the values of Volvo Cars and our company philosophy.

Our promise
We have a clear target – to sell profitable cars in the premium segment. Our task is to create cars that reflect our values and meet the demanding expectations of customers worldwide. The company philosophy describes our way forward and weaves together our brand and work culture. Our brand promise is to design cars for a better life – it is a promise to each other and to our customers. In order to deliver on this promise, Volvo Cars' philosophy needs to be at the heart of everything we do. There is a clear link between internal culture and external perception.

People are key
What makes Volvo Cars unique in the automotive world is our focus on human values in life. Caring about yourself and others, the safety concept encompasses not only the passengers of the car, but also passengers in other cars, and pedestrians. Today’s global tag line: “Volvo. For life”, reflects our core values – to protect life and celebrate it. Environmental care goes beyond legislation – and consideration for customers is a key factor in the entire company, in all business areas.

Accordingly our work culture is defined by respect for the individual and an understanding for the power of team work, the power of we. In our work culture we take care of our great heritage of collaboration and relationships and drive it into the future.