Four-cylinder common rail turbodiesel engine (D4)

The four-cylinder 2.0 litre D4 turbodiesel takes performance, fuel efficiency and refinement to new levels. Featuring the latest turbo and Piezo high-pressure injector technology, this inspiring state-of-the-art power plant will give you access to supreme torque (max 400 Nm) across the rev range.

Smooth running characteristics and low noise levels further enhance the experience. Short stroke and reduced friction add to both responsive, sporty engine characteristics and high fuel efficiency. To further optimise fuel efficiency in all conditions, this engine also features Volvo’s CO₂-reducing Start/Stop and engine brake energy regeneration technology

Adding the fuel-saving eight-speed Geartronic automatic transmission, the 190 hp/400 Nm D4 drivetrain ensures you'll always be in the right gear to enjoy superior comfort and engine response. And if you'd like to boost your efficiency even further, our intelligent ECO+ function optimises the engine, the automatic transmission and the climate system to further lower your fuel consumption with about 5%. This D4 is available with an enhanced six-speed manual gearbox or a eight-speed Geartronic automatic.