Volvo On Call

You and your car, connected

Volvo On Call is a subscription service that connects you with your car as never before, thanks to a ground-breaking mobile app. From wherever you are, you can lock or unlock your car’s doors, check your fuel level or even heat the cabin using your smartphone. For extra peace of mind, inside the car you can call for roadside assistance and emergency help by the push of a button.

Be in control wherever you are

The Volvo On Call app is all about you being in control. It lets you find your car, check your dashboard or set the heater, all at the touch of a button. You can even get handy overviews of all your trips, automatically, with Driving Journal, and then export them as a spreadsheet. Even better, if you have the Sensus Navigation option you can send a destination to your car using the app so you can start driving straight away. This app is available for cars of model year 2012 or later.

Enjoy a Wi-Fi Hotspot in your car

Wi-Fi Hotspot

With Volvo On Call, you can use your car’s roof aerial to provide a strong and stable 3G-mobile broadband connection instead of relying on your mobile phone's 3G-signal. Not only does this give you a connection for your car, everybody else in the car with a mobile device can connect, too, when you create a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Get help when you need it most

Pressing the ON CALL button

With Volvo On Call, help is only one button away. Our operators are on 24/7 standby, ready to send roadside assistance to your aid. In case of emergency, there is also an SOS button. If, though, you are unable to ask for help and there is an accident, your Volvo will attempt to automatically contact our call centre so that help can be sent. Our operators will always do their best to get you the help you need.

Enter in comfort – Engine Remote Start

Engine Remote Start

It might be unbearably hot or freezing cold outside, but with the Volvo On Call app, your car is comfortably climatised every time you get in. With the Engine Remote Start function, you can remotely start your car's engine via the app, which then allows you to cool or warm the interior to just the right temperature for your journey’s start.

Enter in comfort – Parking Heater

Parking Heater

Even on freezing cold days, you can heat your car efficiently and drive away instantly with our Parking Heater option for diesel-fuelled cars. The Parking Heater uses less fuel than the Engine Remote Start, too. Best of all, it pre-heats your engine, so you never have a problem starting in the cold.

Concierge Services

Information and Concierge Services

Wouldn't it be nice to have a hand with those little chores that come up every day while you drive? Like making a reservation for a flight, or finding a restaurant when you've forgotten the name, or even booking a hotel for the weekend? With Volvo On Call, you just press a button and we'll put you in contact with an operator who is at your service 24/7.

Theft Alert

Car theft is unfortunately still a fact of life. With the Volvo On Call service, though, we've made it much harder for a thief to get away with stealing your Volvo. If, for example, anyone tries breaking into your car, the Volvo On Call service is automatically alerted. First, the operator makes a call to the car's integrated phone and if you car is being used by an unauthorised person, the police will be called. If the car's phone isn't answered, the operator will call you on your regular phone.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking

If your car is stolen, it can be tracked by satellite. And the Volvo On Call operator will be able to determine the car's location, even if it is being transported or driven by any other method. Another measure to help recover the car is that it can be remotely immobilised – it'll be impossible to start the engine unless it's unblocked by the call centre. It should be noted that the immobilisation function could only be activated in certain markets, in consultation with the police. The exact location of the car will only be provided to them.

Get the most out of your Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid

As a Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid owner, you benefit from a range of features that aim to make your hybrid ownership experience much more convenient. If you are a iPhone/Android smartphone owner you can download the app to check battery levels remotely, find the nearest charging station and receive reminders when low on voltage.