Volvo On Call

Control your car with a touch of a button.

Making your everyday life a little less complicated

Volvo On Call is our way of making everyday life a little less complicated. It is our emergency and tracking service combined with an app that enables you to control your car remotely. Available for your smartphone, smartwatch or iPad

The help you need–now

Whether you’ve got a flat tire, have a breakdown, or get into an accident, we’re there to send assistance anywhere.

Drive away in comfort

The Volvo On Call app lets you remotely control the climate in your car using just your smartphone. It’s one of life’s little everyday luxuries with a Volvo.


Using the Volvo On Call app requires your car to be factory-equipped with Volvo On Call, model year 2012 and later. Depending on the model of your Volvo, there may be variations on the features available.

Our Innovations

Everything we do is designed around people, so every innovation we make is designed to simplify and improve your life. We're especially proud of our advances in efficient power, connectivity and safety. We call our thinking in these areas: Drive-E, Sensus, and IntelliSafe.