Special Sales

Purpose-built vehicles

Special circumstances call for extra special cars, and Volvo has a long history of developing purpose-built vehicles for customers with special requirements. For example, we’ve been producing police and taxi vehicles in our Göteborg workshop for over 50 years.

Police vehicles

With over 50 years' experience, Volvo has a long tradition of producing police vehicles adapted to suit their unique role. The Volvo police vehicles are based on the standard Volvo cars. Each vehicle is individually designed and built at the Volvo Special Vehicles’ workshop in Göteborg. All factory-installed police equipment is crash-tested and designed to stay firmly in place in the event of a collision.

The main markets for Volvo police vehicles are United Kingdom, Sweden and Norway. Volvo police vehicles can also be built for other markets on special request.

Taxi vehicles

In a Volvo Taxi, you travel safely, comfortably and in style. The driver and passengers are surrounded by Volvo’s world-class safety technology. Add Volvo’s Taxi Package and special Taxi Options and you have a car that is specially adapted to your needs. The Taxi Package and Taxi Options can be ordered from your Volvo dealer at the same time as you order your car. Everything is ready when your car is delivered, with no retrofit work for cables, signs, interior lighting etc.

The Volvo Taxi is available with different engine alternatives. By choosing the Bi-Fuel engine you can offer transport that takes better care of the environment. The Bi-Fuel engine uses methane as its main fuel, and has petrol as a back-up system.

The main Volvo Taxi markets are Sweden, Norway and Finland. The Volvo Taxi can be built for other markets on special request.

Diplomat, Expat and Military Sales

Volvo has special sales programs with exclusive benefits and special offers for diplomats, expats and US military stationed abroad. Start here to explore your opportunities:



If you have a disability that imposes special requirements from your car, talk to Volvo. Whatever your needs, contact your local dealer, who’ll be delighted to help.