Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

Volvo Cars' company philosophy, Our Tomorrow, describes the values that guide the company and relates them to profitability and customer's demands.

What makes Volvo Cars unique in the automotive world is its focus on human values in life. Caring about yourself and others; the safety concept encompasses not only the passengers of the car, but also passengers in other cars, and pedestrians. Environmental care goes beyond legislation – and consideration for customers shall imbue the entire company. 


Volvo Cars' brand pyramid describes our most important values and how they are linked to business goals.

Set out along the base of the Brand Pyramid are the essentials for any car competing in the premium market segment: Premium Quality, Customer Experience and Dynamics. On the middle level are the areas in which the ambition is to set Volvo Cars apart from other carmakers:

Modern Scandinavian Design and Environmental Care. At the top of the pyramid is,
of course, Safety – the area in which Volvo Cars is a leader, not least in perception.
The combination of all levels is Volvo Cars’ strength.

Work Culture

The work culture at Volvo Cars is also illustrated by a pyramid. The foundation for success lies in high-class execution and premium quality, involvement and responsibility. The middle layer of the pyramid shows those values where Volvo Cars and its employees shall stand out in comparison with other companies; confidence, degree and speed of development and the strength of our relationships. At the top of the pyramid, our strength as a “we” company makes us unique. The strength in “we” is the result of cooperation that is based on integrity, courage and diversity of thought.

These two diagrams reveal a lot about the way in which sustainability is woven into Volvo Car Corporation’s business operations. The guiding principle is “Caring for people.” Care applies to everyone – within the organisation, suppliers and customers, other road users and the environment. Volvo Cars’ promise is: “We create cars for a better life.” This means that the work at a sustainable company such as Volvo Cars promotes an enhanced quality of life.