Volvo Adventure

Volvo Adventure

Volvo Adventure is run in cooperation with AB Volvo and the UN Environment Programme, UNEP, and is directed at middle school youths. The aim is to motivate young people to get involved and find creative solutions to improve their local environment.

The 2011 winning team from Shanghai, China focused on the fact that even small steps make a difference, especially if the change takes place on a large scale.

Their project focused on the enormous consumption of disposable chopsticks in China. Over two years' time, the young people worked to inform other school youths in Shanghai of the resource waste. At the same time, they invented a way to wash classic chopsticks with the help of enzymes.

"With great passion and knowledge, they succeeded in raising awareness of the problem and presented a sustainable alternative solution. They even invented a cleaning product. We look forward to seeing this project spread to other cities in China and to other countries,” said Jury Chairman Bernard Combes from UNESCO.

The team calculated that 16–25 million trees went to making the roughly 80 billion pairs of chopsticks that are discarded every year in China, where there is a major shortage of forests. The project members visited a number of schools in Shanghai to both inspire debate and provide proposals of solutions. The project incited great involvement in the schools and has also led to positive contacts with the authorities. There were 240 competing contributions from 45 countries in the Volvo Adventure 2012. The final will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden, in June 2012.