Volvo Environment Prize

Volvo Environmental Prize

As the academic world began to realise that human activity affects the Earth's climate, global environmental studies have become one of environmental research's fastest growing branches.

This year's recipient of the Volvo Environment Prize, Professor John Schellnhuber, is a world-leading researcher of the complicated mechanisms that influence the global environment. He works to build bridges between science and politics and has served as an advisor to a number of government heads and EU President Manuel Barroso.

In its award motivation, the jury, which includes several internationally leading researchers, emphasized that diversity and interdisciplinary research are needed to meet the alarming climate challenges that mankind faces. Therefore, "there is no one better than John Schellnhuber who can contribute to international leadership to develop and apply scientific findings for politicians and decision-makers."

Professor Schellnhuber heads the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). On behalf of the German government, he has built up this leading international centre in sustainability research. Schellnhuber is also a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Potsdam outside of Berlin and a guest professor at the Santa Fe Institute in the US.

The Volvo Environment Prize is one of the most well respected environmental awards and is awarded to people who contribute to a more sustainable world through their research. The prize is financed by Volvo Cars and AB Volvo, but awarded by an independent foundation. Since the beginning, the prize has been awarded to 38 people. There are many well-known names among the prize winners, three of which are Nobel Prize winners.